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This past weekend (July 7-8) was AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 3 preview weekend, and here at MightyVille we were mighty eager to find out what would be revealed. The next season doesn’t start until October, so this was an opportunity to feed our hunger for more Walking Dead.


In actuality, the preview weekend was more of a The Walking Dead marathon. AMC re-aired the first two seasons of the show, with brief clips in between episodes of Talking Dead ‘s Chris Hardwick reporting from the Season 3 set. These clips revealed very little about the upcoming season, but a big reveal was promised in an hour-long episode of Talking Dead after the Season 2 finale aired on Sunday evening. A final treat at the end of it all was the first ever airing of the series premiere of The Walking Dead in black & white, as a nod to the grayscale graphic novels on which the show is based.

The weekend event was worthwhile. Re-watching the first two seasons was its own reward, and it was awesome to relive the first episode in black & white, which brought a vintage horror feel to the modern show. But we were a little disappointed in the Talking Dead Season 3 preview episode, which didn’t reveal enough juicy new details to be worthy of such a buildup. We had at least hoped for a good-sized clip of footage from the season premiere, but were only given a 50-second tease of the newly introduced character, Michonne, picking up aspirin in a zombie-infested pharmacy. That being said, it was cool to see more of Michonne in action, using her ultra-sharp katana blade to behead walkers. She was a big focus of the reveals for next season, as well as the debut of one of the most intriguing villians in comics, The Governor. The introduction of two of the most intense characters of the graphic novels, as well as seeing more of Season 3’s prison setting, make it hard to wait for the series return in October. We got to see a good amount of footage on set in the preview show, as well as hear the actors' reactions to their characters’ new, more gloomy location. So, overall, the Season 3 preview weekend did what it was intended to: wet our appetites for more The Walking Dead, while not giving away too many surprises.

Keep an eye on the Talking Dead website to watch the full episode, but in the meantime, you can view awesome clips from the Season 3 set below. You can also view the Season 3 sneak peak and read an excellent write-up of highlights from the show at Dread Central.


Did you watch the Season 3 preview weekend? What did you think? What are you most excited for in Season 3?

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