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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Friday Highlights

Aquman Triumphant

Geoff Johns on the Justice League's split!

The world premiere of The Walking Dead's Season Three trailer!

SDCC 2012: DC Comics - Superman Panel Highlights: 

  • Shane Davis explains Parasite: Earth One.
  • Scott Lobdell warns us about the dangers of Superclones.
  • Supergirl's very own Fortress of Solitude.

 Ultimate Captain America & Spider-Man

SDCC 2012: Marvel - Ultimate Comics Panel Highlights:

  • Nathan Edmondson armors up with Ultimate Iron Man!
  • Steve Rogers for President?
  • David Marquez goes Marvel-exclusive artist with Ultimate Spider-Man!


SDCC 2012: DC Comics - Justice League and Green Lantern Panel Highlights:

  • Geoff Johns on the creation of "The Third Army"!
  • Peter Tomasi unveils Guy Gardner's new origin!
  • Jeff Lemire clues us in on John Constantine's "Moriarty".


SDCC 2012: Marvel - Cup O' Joe Panel Highlights:

  • Axel Alonso assembles the Uncanny Avengers' new mission!
  • From AvX to A+X with Jeph Loeb, Dan Slott, Dale Keown, & Ron Garney!
  • Kieron Gillen on the Consequences of Avengers vs. X-Men.


SDCC 2012: DC Comics - The New 52 Panel Highlights:

  • Gail Simone on the Barbara Gordon and Batgirl dynamic.
  • Scott Snyder tells the tale of Alec Holland
  • Rob Liefeld’s outlaw Hawkman
  • Dan Jurgens teaches fusion with new Firestorm direction!
  • Geoff Johns reveals a broken Justice League.

Kevin Eastman Returns to TMNT Art Duties

SDCC 2012: The IDW Show Highlights:

  • Duane Swierczynski on Judge Dredd’s new law!
  • Kevin Eastman drawn in to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual #1 artist!
  • The Foot Clan Rises in a new mini-series.


SDCC 2012: DC Comics - From Concept to Page Panel

SDCC 2012: Star Wars Publishing Panel

SDCC 2012: MONKEYBRAIN Comics - New Creator-Owned Publisher

SDCC 2012: Dark Horse Comics - Joss Whedon Spotlight

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