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Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II

The guy is everywhere!

One of the hardest-working artists currently in the industry, Timothy Green II has been a part of pretty much all of comicdom’s most recent blockbuster events: Avengers vs. X-Men, Rotworld, and a little Bat-crossover you may have heard of called Death of the Family. Adding to that, you’ll see his Rocket Raccoon designs on the big screen in just a few years!

Coming full circle after working on Swamp Thing a few years ago, the artist spoke to us about his work, his inspirations, and his thoughts on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.


Timothy Green II at Stockton-Con

Joe Kach: You've done work with Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and others. Who are some of your favorite characters to draw?

Timothy Green II: Oooh, I have a lot of favorite characters to draw! Spider-Man ... but I haven't drawn him in a comic yet. But I love drawing him in sketches and stuff. I love drawing Batman. Daredevil's cool. And Deadpool! Still, I haven't gotten a chance to draw them.

JK: You've done a lot of work on the Guardians of The Galaxy side of the Marvel Universe. How do you feel about that series being Marvel Studios' next film choice?

TG: Oh, I think it's great! I haven’t read much about it yet, but my editor sent me a note saying this is a possibility. My editor was Bill Rosemann, who I worked with on Starlord. We were the ones that brought them back for Starlord. And then he went on and did Guardians of The Galaxy, and then I came back for Rocket Raccoon and Annihilators a little later. But they’re such cool characters. It'll be great to see them on screen. Especially Rocket Raccoon.

The Guardians of the Galaxy by Timothy Green II

JK: I was going to say, I love your Rocket Raccoon. That's probably my favorite character that you draw.

TG: Thank you.

JK: Are you pretty excited to see him in full CGI form, with the big cannons and everything, ready to go?

TG: Yeah, I'm pretty excited. It's hard to say what he's gonna look like or do.

JK: Have you seen the concept art that Marvel Studios put out?

TG: No, I haven't seen anything.

JK: Oh, you should find it online.

TG: Oh, they've got some up?

JK: Yeah, they've got some promo art of what they expect the characters to look like, once they cast them, and get all the CGI in.

TG: Cool, cool.

JK: It's a pretty unique look, I like it. It's close to yours, I think you'll be happy.

Starlord & Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II

TG: Well, I'm excited! I can't wait to see it. I think he's such a great character. He deserves his own cartoon probably.

JK: I loved the old [Mike] Mignola series from the 80s.

TG: Oh yeah! I had those when I was a kid.

JK: Some of my favorites back then.

TG: When Rosemann asked me … I was going to do something else at the time. He said, "Well, we'd like you to do this Starlord comic, and here's the cast..." Right when I saw Rocket Raccoon, I said, “Alright I have to do this!"

JK: Of course, how could you not? Changing gears a bit- how’s it been working on the New 52 launch with DC?

TG: Oh, It's great. I wasn't there at the beginning; I was under contract with Marvel at the time. I wish I was able to do some, but that's okay. I jumped on with Animal Man, which is a great title. I'll be doing more work with Animal Man after that, and then jumping around to other books like Red Hood, Birds of Prey ... so that's a lot of fun.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #13 art by Timothy Green II

JK: You were able to draw some Swamp Thing in your Animal Man books. How was that? Those two iconic characters together in the comic?

TG: It was great. It's a different Swamp Thing though ... I did Swamp Thing maybe eight years ago...

JK: The Vertigo series, right?

TG: Right. I did a couple of issues. That was a lot of fun. I did that with Joshua Dysart, who was a friend of mine from before. We were both struggling, he was a writer, I was an artist without work. And we finally made it professionally.

JK: Violent Messiahs got Joshua's career going…

TG: Yeah, and it was great to see him get going. Anyway, the Swamp Thing in the annual is quite different. It's an earlier incarnation. Jeff [LemireAnimal Man writer] wanted to do something a little different. Much taller and thin, because the guy that becomes that Swamp Thing is a really thin guy, kinda tall. I may have made him a little thinner than he may have wanted, but he liked it when it was done. And I thought it was cool. I thought it was nice to get a completely drastic, different look than the current Swamp Thing.

JK: More fun to play with that way?

TG: Yeah, and there was nothing holding me to anything, so I just did my own thing.

Animal Man Annual by Timothy Green II

JK: Cool. So, what comics are you reading now and what books would you recommend to our readers?

TG: Oh, I'm reading a lot of the DC 52, and what's going on over at Marvel in Avengers vs X-Men is pretty cool…

JK: Yeah, you were working on Avengers Academy...

TG: Oh yeah, I did that. And I was so glad to be part of that whole thing in any way--

JK: Who's going to win, The Avengers or The X-Men?

TG: [Laughs] Ahhhhh ... I'm going for the Avengers, but I don't know. I don't have any inside information. [Editor's Note: This interview took place before the finale of Avengers vs X-Men.]

JK: How was it being part of that whole thing? Pretty sweet?

TG: Yeah, it was great! It was with Rosemann again-- I work with Rosemann a lot. I started at DC on Rush City with him, and then he went to Marvel and asked me if I wanted to do Starlord. And that's how I started working over there with him and he's been such a great editor to work with over the years. So whenever he has something for me, I say, “Yeah, yeah sure, that'd be great.”

Aeon Flux Graphic Novel by Timothy Green II

JK: What's your favorite comic of all time? I know it might be hard so take a second to think about it if you have to. Mine’s Preacher, if that helps [laughs].

TG: I would say Arzach. I love Moebius. Most of what Moebius does is my favorite.

JK: Alright. Who are some of your other influences outside of Moebius?

TG: Otomo Katsuhiro is a huge influence as far as storytelling and setting the pace of the story. Geoff Darrow. And then J.C. Leyendecker, Dore, Franklin Booth, a lot of non-comic artists ... Doug Chiang, Koji Morimoto, great animator, does a lot of amazing stuff.

JK: Okay, cool.

TG: And more recently I've been getting into American comics more. So, like Olivier Coipel does some great stuff. Joe Mad [Madureira]...

JK: His Avenging Spider-Man was fantastic...

TG: He's always doing great stuff. Jim Lee, of course ... Art Adams ... there are so many great artists out there I draw inspiration from.

JK: And I would agree. Well, thank you so much for your time, Tim. It was great talking with you.

TG: It was my pleasure.


What say you, Mighty Members? Which of the above titles have you read and what did you think of the art? Let us know below!

And after that, head back to MightyVille for our signed Timothy Green II Comics Giveaway, available here! Keep your eyes peeled for Timothy's upcoming work on Animal Man and Red Hood and the Outlaws!


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