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Art from Shadowman #1


I’ve always had an inherent love for the city of New Orleans, before I had ever spent any real time there.

I’m fairly certain Valiant Comics’ 1990s series Shadowman had something to do with that. And judging by the first two issues of the new series, that love's going to keep on growing.

The Classic Shadowman


It’s no secret that folks at MightyVille have been quite impressed with the 2012 Valiant relaunch, and I could not have been happier to hear that my favorite series of the bunch was making a comeback. We were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Shadowman #2 by Justin (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Team 7) Jordan and Patrick (Hulk, Captain America) Zircher, and the following is our (glowing) review of the first two issues of the new series.

Jack Boniface, The Shadowman, is back, ladies and gentlemen! And he’s brought a few ugly friends along with some serious authoritarian and skin issues. And, not far behind, supernatural aid from an unlikely pair.

[Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.]

Art from Shadowman #1

The first issue opens up with quite the bang. We’re pulled right into battle and our story is set: The Eternal Struggle between The Shadowman and Master Darque. We get a glimpse into Shadowman’s history and the origins of his powers (kind of). We also meet the gruesome Mr. Twist, an agent of Darque, who’s moniker is fitting in more ways than one. Jack plays the lone gunmen, returned home for unknown reasons, and with no idea as to what he’s about to get into.

Art from Shadowman #1

When I heard that the creative team of Jordan and Zircher would be chronicling the new adventures of the Midnight Marauder, I knew he was in good hands. The two craft a spooky and supernatural action-thriller that suits Zircher’s fluid pencils to a “T”. The characters are each given an individual look and rendered beautifully, as is the back drop of the Big Easy. Brian Reber’s colors hit just the right tones, the dark tones of the magic underground over the colorful New Orleans setting.

Death, rebirth, the introduction of friends and foes alike—Shadowman #1 was a near-perfect set-up issue to what’s sure to be an exciting romp through supernatural worlds full of mystic totems and Voodoo magic. My only complaint was the use of certain clichéd plot points: the abandoned child with the mystery parents, convenient allies working within an underground society, “kidnap-by-cop” … small complaints in an otherwise fantastic comic book with an ending that’ll definitely bring you back for the next chapter. Speaking of…

Shadowman #2: The action picks up right where #1 left off and broadens our introduction to Dox and Alyssa, this era’s Abbetors and allies of Shadowman. Jack reluctantly accepts their offer to learn more of his powers and history after experiencing the side-effects of a shadow transformation (both positive and negative). We’re also given a little more insight into Master Darque’s plans and we see just how twisted Mr. Twist can get. Or do we? There’s a brief explanation as to how magic works that you tech nerds out there will get a kick out of.

Art from Shadowman #2

With a cliffhanger ending that both rivals and mirrors that of the first issue, Shadowman #2 keeps the magic ride going and shows no signs of slowing down! If number three keeps up the heat, and I’m sure it will, Shadowman has a very good chance of being one of my favorite new titles of 2012.

If the first two issues are any indication, Valiant’s got another hit on their hands with Shadowman. Honestly people, if you’re not reading at least one Valiant title now, then you hate comics.

Art from Shadowman #2

Shadowman #1 and #2:

4 out of 5

Shadowman #1 is available now. Shadowman #2 will be available on December 5, 2012. Go get ‘em.

What are your thoughts on the World of Shadowman, readers? Let us know below!


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