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Harbinger #7


Valiant Entertainment brings us Harbinger #7, in stores December 19, 2012. MightyVille's Joe Kach brings us his advance review of Harbinger #7, and this one looks HOT, ladies and gentlemen.

Read on to find out what he thought of the latest chapter in the Harbinger Renegades saga!

[Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead]


Harbinger started out as my least favorite of Valiant's newest offerings. But after a killer ending to the first arc, that quickly changed. 


Harbinger #7 Preview Page


Issue 6 got the ball rolling with Peter, Kris, and Faith embarking on a new mission. Issue 7 picks up the ball and runs with it. Building up their small army of powerhouses, the Renegades make a stop in my favorite city, New Orleans, Louisiana, home of Shadowman! (Though, spoiler, he has nothing to do with this issue.) Why New Orleans? Well, you'll have to read to find out. We get some pretty big revelations here as to where the series is going, and it definitely makes you want to come back for more.

Writer Joshua Dysart heats up the action by introducing us to Flamingo, the "team's" newest member. Hot on the inside and outside, this girl's got the power to set you on fire, and not in a good way! Iconic artist Barry Kitson makes his Valiant debut here, and brings us the same artistic detail he's always been known for, punched up by Ian Hannin's colors. The art really shines in this issue, the best of the series so far. Kitson's style is a perfect fit for this title. What always made Harbinger stand out, old and new, was their "real life" take on how the teens looked, and that is definitely highlighted here. For example, while Flamingo certainly fits the comic book heroine mold, Faith and Kris certainly don't. And it wouldn't make any sense to have it any other way. Not all teenagers are Abercrombie models, after all.


Harbinger #7 Preview Page


Still, I do have a small complaint: Flamingo's "abused stripper" origin. I was hoping for something more. That being said, it's handled pretty well with at least one "oh my..." moment. Again, a minor thing in an otherwise solid introductory thriller.

So, game on. It's the Harbinger Renegades versus the Harada Foundation and Project Rising Spirit, Round II. We're in for a treat. 

4 out of 5

Harbinger #7, from Valiant Entertainment, will be in stores on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.


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