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The next installment of Archer & Armstrong will hit stores on January 16, and if you've been eagerly waiting to find out who the new Geomancer will be, your wait is over!

Archer & Armstrong #6 cover


The next installment of Archer & Armstrong will hit stores on January 16, and if you have been eagerly waiting to find out who the new geomancer will be, your wait is over! MightyVille has your preview of Archer & Armstrong #6 right here, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment. Read more to find out what's coming from New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente and acclaimed artist Emanuela Lupacchino!


"The Wrath of the Eternal Warrior" is tearing its way through the Valiant Universe – and now it's down to an all-new, untested Geomancer to save Archer & Armstrong before the Warrior unleashes a full force assault!
Throughout all of human history, the sacred lineage of the Geomancers has protected Earth from all who would seek to do it harm. But, now, a new Geomancer has been chosen – and she’s stuck keeping Archer & Armstrong out of harm’s way! But why has Kay McHenry been selected to wield this exceptional power? And just what is her connection to the Eternal Warrior’s blood vendetta? Only Gilad knows for sure…but he won’t be answering until he’s left Archer & Armstrong bloodied, broken and brutalized by his own fist and steel.

And, meanwhile, the One Percent are about to seal a deal that could end everyone involved!


Archer & Armstrong #6 cover 

 Archer & Armstrong #6 variant cover

Archer & Armstrong #6 page 1

Archer & Armstrong #6 page 2

Archer & Armstrong #6 page 3

Archer & Armstrong #6 page 4

 Archer & Armstrong #6 page 5

Archer & Armstrong #6 page 6


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