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The opening arc of Valiant Comics' Shadowman comes to its thrilling conclusion! Find out what we thought.

Shadowman #4 Variant Cover


The opening arc of Valiant Comics' Shadowman comes to its thrilling conclusion! MightyVille's biggest Shadowfan, Joe Kach, got an advance look at the issue. Read on to find out his thoughts ... if you dare!

[Caution: Possible spoilers ahead.]


So, the first arc to Valiant's brand new Shadowman series is over, bringing an end to one of the most enjoyable reads of 2012. But I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Sure, with almost any ending to a comic book arc, I almost always want more. But with Shadowman #4, I really felt like I wanted more. But more on that later...

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher close out Jack Boniface's first act with an action-packed issue, no doubt about that. Jack fully bonds with "The Loa", and with that comes all the wisdom and knowledge of the Shadowmen. Taking full advantage of his new-found understanding of his abilities, Shadowman rescues his compatriots, thwarts the doom-bringing plans of Mr. Twist and Master Darque, and pretty much saves the day in true superhero fashion. His words: "That's because I'm the one dressed like a superhero." The story is all tied up in a neat little bundle, with a hint that, of course, the war is not quite over, with some new faces added to the game. So, what's my problem?


Shadowman #4 Preview Page


My problem is that I don't like four-issue opening arcs. There's not enough room to breathe, and unfortunately, the story has to suffer. Was the tale resolved? Absolutely. Was there a good amount of action for a closing chapter? Sure, quite a bit actually. But it was a bit too tidy, a bit too quick. Three issues were spent establishing the vile villainy and horror of Twist and Darque, and then, just like that, the threat's vanquished in a few panels. It's not that it's anti-climactic, I was just hoping for more of a climax. It left me thinking, "I wonder what they could have done with six issues?" That being said ... Jaunty, the talking monkey is back!


Shadowman #4 Preview Page


So, while I was hoping for a little more meat at the end of the story, the artwork was top-notch. Zircher has really brought his A-game to this book, and this issue is his best so far. The action sequences were masterfully executed, as were some of the more tender moments (yes, tender!). Combined with Brian Reber's haunting colors, I feel like these guys start out drawing on silk rather than paper. So, all-in-all, a solid ending to a fantastic introductory storyline. Shadowman is my favorite of the Valiant titles, and this issue did nothing to dissuade that. With Darque held at bay, for now, I really am excited to see where Valiant takes Shadowman next.

3.5 out of 5

Shadowman #4 will be available on Wednesday February 6, 2013.

Are you reading Shadowman? Fill us in on why or why not below!


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