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Get re-introduced to Dr. Mirage, the Valiant Universe's premier paranormal investigator in Shadowman #5! 

The new Dr. Mirage


Valiant Entertainment's revivals keep on coming!

We got Ninjak. We got the Eternal Warrior. Yesterday, the publisher teased us with a sneak peek at the new H.A.R.D. Corps. And today, we are (re-)introduced to Dr. Mirage, the Valiant Universe's premier paranormal investigator!

The character makes their full first appearance in Shadowman #5, available March 6th, 2013!


Classic Dr. Mirage


Readers will observe there's been a bit of a gender switch for the character since the classic Valiant version (above).  That's all part of Valiant's re-invention plan. Let's find out more...


DR. MIRAGE Lives Again in SHADOWMAN #5

The Associated Press today announced that Dr. Mirage, Valiant's preeminent psychic investigator and supernatural hero, will debut this Wednesday in Shadowman #5 in a new incarnation created by writer Justin Jordan and co-writer/artist Patrick Zircher.

In this new iteration, Dr. Mirage is the stage name of Shan Fong, a one-time television investigator of paranormal phenomena whose unique abilities make her an invaluable asset to police departments around the world. During the upcoming "Darque Reckoning" storyline – beginning on March 6th in Shadowman #5 – Fong steps into the world of Jack Boniface and the Shadowman after discovering that no matter where she goes, the dead only have one thing to say: "Master Darque is coming."

"Since the Summer of Valiant, we've been slowly building towards several key events. You can see the first of these events this April in Harbinger Wars, where Bloodshot and Harbinger collide," Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani told the AP. "The return of Dr. Mirage is part of that plan — part of setting the stage. Dr. Mirage is a key piece in the future of the Valiant Universe and the timing of the return, as well as the manner, is no accident."

Read the Associated Press' complete coverage here


Shadowman #5 Variant Cover


Dr. Mirage Preview 1


Dr. Mirage Preview 2


Dr. Mirage Preview 3


Cover by PATRICK ZIRCHER (JAN131302)
"Blackout" Pullbox Exclusive Variant by PATRICK ZIRCHER (JAN131303)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (JAN131304)
Linewide Variant by RAFAEL GRAMPA (JAN131305)
$3.99/T+/32 pgs. 

UPDATE: Here's a (somewhat) exclusive early look at the cover to Shadowman #7, featuring the new Dr. Mirage!


Shadowman #7


Readers, what classic Valiant character do you want to re-appear next? Let us know below!

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