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Sad that Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice are gone? Well, it just might have been your fault! 

Say goodbye to Young Justice & Green Lantern


Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, two of you favorite superhero cartoons, are gone.

But MightyVille's Sam Moyerman isn't! Sam breaks down the reasoning behind Cartoon Network's unceremonious axing of these beloved series', and gives you some (hopeful) hints as to how they might fly back into our hearts and minds.

Sam ..?


A couple weeks have passed and it’s time to accept the inevitable. Cartoon Network really did cancel both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, two of their best-reviewed and loved shows.

But it isn’t that rare a circumstance for a well reviewed show to be cancelled. It happens all the time. The rare thing is that these weren’t just two well-received shows, but they were shows that had a good viewership numbers, who were nonetheless cancelled despite the protests of fans and viewers.

And you want to know the sad truth about it? It’s the fault of those same fans and viewers that the shows were cancelled.

Before anyone jumps down my throat on that statement, you must understand that I do consider myself part of this group of fans. It’s my fault too. Now, I hear you saying, “But Sam, we watched the show! It had good ratings!” And to that I reply, "So what?" It was nice that the show had great viewership, but in the world of children's cartoons (and no matter who ended up enjoying these shows the most, they were designed for kids), viewership isn’t enough. These can’t just be shows; they have to be properties. They have to move merchandise – toys, backpacks, clothing, DVDs and Blu-Rays. Warner Bros. had to be able to stamp any item with the Young Justice or Green Lantern: TAS logo and be able to have people want to buy it. But no one did. Green Lantern was sadly screwed before the show even started. With the poorly received movie still in everyone’s mind, and merchandise still sitting on store shelves, it was going to be an uphill struggle to get anyone to stock, let alone buy merchandise. I’m not sure what the possible excuse for Young Justice was though. With a huge cast of characters ranging from well known (Superman, Batman) all the way down to the minor ones barely anyone had heard of (seriously, they made good use of Milestone characters even), these things should have been selling like hot cakes.

But they weren’t.


Green Lantern Movie toys still clutter shelves


We, as fans, just don’t always fully support quality productions. DC Productions in particular. This isn’t to say that we should have run out and made the Green Lantern Movie the highest grossing film of all time (Mea culpa: I like that movie. I might be the only one) or immediately head to toy stores to buy the rest of their stock. It also doesn’t mean we should have supported any of the other awful movies, TV shows, etc. But when something comes through of quality, we have to support it. Why did no one go see Cowboys and Aliens? Sure it was formulaic, but it was solidly made, entertaining, and starred James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Olivia Wilde. Wasn’t that enough? Or what about the critically under-watched and under-bought DC Original Animated Movies? Both Green Lantern: First Flight (maybe it’s just that property??) and Wonder Woman were excellent movies that were setup to be franchises, except no one watched them. Wonder Woman, should have been a fan’s dream. It’s a war movie with three beheadings before the title sequence. It has Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor telling Hippolyta that her “daughter’s got a great rack.” Why couldn’t this sell?


Wonder Woman Animated Film: Awesome


The good news is that this story isn’t over. The good people at have added Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS to their list of shows to save. This is a crowd-funded site. Which means it’s time to finally put our money where our mouths are. It’s also time to finally go out and buy the merchandise that we avoided when the shows were on the air. There are even recent examples of fans saving a show that was pulled. Dredd was another really good comic based property where no one went to see the movie. But enough people are jumping at the chance to own the Blu-Ray and DVD that there is actually talk of continuing the franchise. And there should be, Karl Urban is fantastic as Judge Dredd. We need to do as much as possible to help people forget that awful [Sylvester] Stallone version.

The best example is Family Guy. That show had been off the air for a few years before the DVDs came out. And when fans bought them in droves, suddenly the show was brought back out of mothballs and the creator is suddenly hosting the Oscars. Like Family Guy, these shows are both animated, which means they don’t have a shelf life. Actors can find time to record parts for audio, and even if they can’t does it really matter if the character is recast? It’s the way they look and act that we love. We don’t have to worry about anyone aging out of a part. The only thing we have to worry about is the writers and producers moving on to new successful properties, and considering how well received these 2 shows were, you can guess their next shows will be just as beloved. So if you want these shows on the air soon, start talking with your wallet. If nothing else you’ll have memorabilia to remind you of the awesome shows (and Blu-Rays and DVDs to keep re-watching them). And if all works out, then we’ll have the shows back on the air too.  


Buy Young Justice on DVD now! 

(Sam Moyerman is a professional demon hunter. He editorializes on the hunt while camped out within the protective womb of hollowed monster husk.)

Any readers fans of either of these series'? I'm sure there are! Let us know your feelings below!

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Comments (5)
  • Joe_Kach  - It's still Cartoon Network's fault...
    I agree to a point, Sam.

    Sure, most vocal fans probably didn't go out & buy all the toys & DVDs, but did they really have to?

    (Mea culpa myself, I too enjoyed the Green Lantern film & own the Blu-Ray & 2 action figures from the film.)

    The viewership is changing. Most of the people watching the shows, I would imagine, were outside of the action figure-buying crowd, myself excluded.

    Action figures are expensive these days. A typical 6" super hero figure runs between $17-$20 on a toy shelf, which is way too much for the supposed "target audience". It's almost like the price of comics...

    If CN demanded that toy sales drive the life of the show, then the toys should have also been AVAILABLE. The only YJ toy I ever saw on any shelf at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us or Target was Aquaman or Aqualad. No Batman, No Robin, no Superboy. Hell, I was looking for a Kid Flash figure, have yet to see one that is not online. It's a demand that is doomed to fail in this case. Did they even make Green Lantern toys based on the show? I don't think so. So how can that be the basis?

    I think CN blames these issues, without accepting the reality. They change their lineups based on current popular trends. When "comedic" shows like "Adventure Time" are popular, as is the case now, they pull their "action shows". This was confirmed to me by a former producer on Adventure Time. (See the new ThunderCats cartoon, but that's a rant for another time.) I really think that is the bottom line. It's a very short-sighted way of doing things which is why CN tends to recycle shows for like decades.

    The viewership is changing, people are older. Merchandising driving creativity is a very archaic system. Did Nolan's Batman films need toy lines & lunch boxes to succeed? I mean, does a film like "Argo" require poster & soundtrack sales to determine it's success? ABC doesn't keep "Modern Family" on the air because the Cameron & Gloria dolls* sell like hot cakes...

    The answer: A cable station dedicated solely to Super Hero & SciFi cartoons! HUB is close...


    *These dolls do not exist, but if they did it would be awesome.
  • Joe_Kach
    Not disagreeing, mind you. I agree that CN uses the lack of merchandising for their cancellation reasons. I'm just saying they are full of sh!t.


  • el123chico  - I can't disagree with anything you say
    You're not wrong Kach. And it would have been much easier just to blast CN for their decisions, but this is their world and we have to play by their rules. You are absolutely correct though that if they wanted these toys to sell, they should have made them available to buy. GL was again screwed since no store was going to stock new GL toys when old GL toys were rotting on shelves, but Justice League toys sold and they should have been able to push Young Justice toys out there onto the market. Perhaps the series just trended older than they had expected, hence the decision to go back to Teen Titans Go! (even if that is a watered down version of the anime styled Teen Titans show), where they can sell a lot of toys to little kids instead of a few prestige toys to "older kids". Why they didn't want both markets is beyond me. Marvel had been doing that with Superhero Squad and Avengers: EMH, I'm reserving judgement on their decision to change EMH to Avengers Assemble! until after watching the show.

    And yes, I'm also lamenting the fact that I never got a new Lion-O toy to put next to my original Lion-O toy.
  • Joe_Kach  - Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What? No new Lion-O? When's your birthday? Maybe we can make this happen...

    This TCats fanboy went out & got the whole cast, just waiting on picking up a Thundertank. I even bought the "classics" version of Lion-O & Tygra, since I no longer have the OGs. If anyone wants to get me the Classics Mumm-Ra, I'll be your BFF. ;)

    Also, based on the discussion in this artcile, I just added the first volume of the new TCats 'toon to my Amazon Shopping Cart.

  • el123chico  - Cats
    I think my favorite story of the new Thundercats cartoon is that they all recorded their voices together. The first time Will Friedel was set to do the "Thunder... Thunder..." line, everyone in the room stopped and looked at him. He turned around and saw them all looking and asked what they were looking at. To a person they all said "SAY THE LINE!!" Shame we only got one season.

    Although since you asked my birthday is coming up on May 13th.
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