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In the proud tradition of our much-loved "MightyVille's Favorite Batman Action Figures" article, we bring you this compilation of our Favorite Superman Action Figures!


In the proud tradition of our much-loved "MightyVille's Favorite Batman Action Figures" article, we bring you this  compilation of our Favorite Superman Action Figures! Same rules as before: they have to be action figures with moving parts, no statues or PVC figurines or bobbleheads. There were a lot of great choices out there, and we came to blows harder than a Kryptonian street battle getting this list together, all for your reading pleasure!

So, in somewhat of a particular order, let us begin...


14. It's Superman as designed by Jim Lee from the Batman: Hush storyline. You'd think a DC Direct figure based on the artwork of comic book rock-star Jim Lee would be higher up on the list. Well, as much as we like this one, the facial expression is a bit odd and if you look closely, you'll see he's been infected by none other than Poison Ivy!


13. Is he cute?! Is he tough?! I don't know! He's a Metz-It!!!



12. This is Superman from Hasbro's Superman: The Animated Series line. What makes these figures so great is their almost identical replication of Bruce Timm's animated DC Universe designs. This one looks like he flew right off the TV screen and into your face.



11. It's not just Superman, it's All-Star Superman! Based on Frank Quitely's designs from the comic series of the same title, this DC Direct figure evokes both Quitely's unique art-style and a bit of the classic Curt Swan Superman of the Silver Age.



10. Part of you just "squee'd", right? The Most Powerful Man in the DC Universe vs The Most Powerful man in THE Universe?! Come on!! It's a no-brainer. From Mattel's awesome DC Universe vs Masters of The Universe crossover line, this set is definitely more about package presentation than the look of the individual figures within. This one's up on the office wall.




9. Look at that barrel chest! This square-jawed Superman is ready to throw down in any bar room brawl. DC Direct based this figure on the designs of the stellar Adam Kubert from the Last Son storyline. As far as an iconic Superman figure goes, you don't get much better than this. That being said, he reminds me a bit of Sylvester Stallone.



8. Yup, yup. Superman-as-a-bad-guy from Frank Miller's seminal Batman: The Dark Knight Returns mini-series. This is one fine-looking figure. Superman's power (and arrogance) is definitely on display here, and this top-heavy figure is on a lot of people's "most wanted" list.



7. DC Direct named this one "Future Superman", part of the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies line, based on the designs of the inimitable Ed McGuinness. But, it's actually Superman from the Mark Waid/Alex Ross classic Kingdom Come. But designed by Ed McGuinness. It's a cool look for Superman, harkening back to the Fleischer Animated days, but it doesn't look like an old man because it wasn't designed by Alex Ross.



6. Some of the best figures are imports, we all know this. Play Arts Kai from Square Enix is a fairly new addition to the action figure game, but they have hit the ground running. Their recent figures based on the Arkham Asylum Video Game series were amazing, in both pose-ability and detail. Man of Steel is their newest franchise addition, and they are just as slick as their previous outing. Superman (shown here) joins both General Zod and Jor-El to round out this fantastic line.



5. Did I mention Jim Lee already..? Jim designed this figure for DC Direct's New 52 Justice League line and it is certainly one of the standouts of that set. So ... what more can I say, it's a Jim Lee-designed Superman figure in his new look. Go buy it already. I did.



4. Who remembers what happened when you squeezed this guy's legs?? He punched things! What more could my six-year old self want? This Superman is from Kenner's 1984 Super Powers line. While maybe hokey-looking in their clunky designs, this series produced a figure for almost every, single character in the mainstream DCU at the time (and more). No other line up until then had quite the breadth. Not only that, it spawned a successful cartoon series and a comic mini-series with artwork from none other than Jack "The King" Kirby!



3. Did someone say "Jack Kirby"? How cool is this one? Superman bursts through with that "Kirby crackle", based on designs by "The King" himself for DC Direct's New Gods series. Jack didn't get much time behind Superman's artistic wheel, but this figure captures that brief period remarkably. It's a keeper!



2. No action figure list would be complete without an entry from Hot Toys. I mentioned before that some of the coolest designs are imports, and Hot Toys sits at the top of the manufacturer list in level of detail and accessories. This entry is the cinematic Christopher Reeve Superman. When I first saw this image, I thought it was some sort of wax statue, not an action figure. This piece is beautiful. I'd love to someday own it.



1. And another entry from the awesome folks at Hot Toys. This time we get Superman from the film that set off SUPERWEEK at MightyVille, Man of Steel. It's quite the package (in more ways than one). A spitting image of actor Henry Cavill (chest hair and all), this hyper-detailed figure is also on our "Must Own Someday" list. The reason why this version of Kal-El makes the number one spot is due to a combination of: a sense of realism, the level of playability and accessories, and the ability to pose him in pretty much any dynamic way you heart desires. I also personally love the look of his new, cinematic, alien uniform. Sure it looks a little dirty, but that's what's in these days. If you haven't already seen Man of Steel ... what are you waiting for??


Well, that was fun for me! Was it fun for you? Who knew the Big Blue Boy Scout had such a colorful plastic history? And that was just the tip of the iceberg as far as what Supertoys are available. Remember: The more comic-related toys and action figures you buy, the more shows they keep on the air and the more new figures they produce. Everyone's happy!

On that note, I'd like to leave you with this: "You don't mess with the S!"


Any other toy collectors out there want to share their Superman gems? Post pictures of your stuff below!

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