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B.J. Morgan's back with an advance review of the latest chapter in the saga of one of his favorite characters, King Conan: The Hour of The Dragon #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Did it meet his expectations? Find out!


B.J. Morgan's back with an advance review of the latest chapter in the saga of one of his favorite characters, King Conan: The Hour of The Dragon #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Did it meet his expectations? Let us know, B.J....


Conan is one of the fictional characters who has been consistently blessed with great creative talent. Anytime someone lists the great creators in the long line of Conan’s history, names such as Barry Windsor-Smith, Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Kurt Busiek, and Cary Nord consistently crop up. All of these are fine creators who have added to Conan’s legacy, but few will bring up the names of Truman and Giorello

Tim Truman and Tomás Giorello are the unsung creators in the Conan pantheon. This is a near criminal omission since these two have created some of the best Conan stories for my money. Most folks simply gloss over their recent accomplishments and tear right into praising Brian Wood, who is good in his own right, but give me Truman and Giorello any day of the week, month, year or decade. When their Conan the Cimmerian title was replaced by Wood’s Conan the Barbarian, I’m not too proud to say that I wept openly. It was a manly weeping, trust me. I’ve read nearly every post-Robert Howard Conan pastiche, and these guys nailed the grandeur and mythos perfectly. 


Fortunately, the pain has been somewhat eased by Dark Horse through the publishing of an occasional King Conan miniseries. Two have been published thus far, 2011’s The Scarlet Citadel and 2012’s The Phoenix on the Sword. Both were damn near perfect Conan stories, each taking the same premise of a grizzled, aged King Conan talking about the good ol’ days of ass kicking.

Dark Horse is currently tackling one of the best Robert E. Howard Conan stories of all time, The Hour of the Dragon. In fact, their adaptation is going to be so epic, it’s going to take two miniseries’ to do it. Two issues into the adaptation, and one can feel the “classic” aura surrounding this title.

Issue two starts out with Conan at the edge of defeat. Tarascus’ armies have routed Conan’s forces, putting the King in the very place you never want him placed: against the wall. What follows is an impressive, yet short battle that displays Conan’s ferocity and brute strength. Conan is captured, felled through Xaltuton’s black magic. I won’t spoil what happens next, but some important and very cool Conan moments follow. It was a treat to be introduced to Zenobia and the end of the issue has my inner-fanboy squealing with joy.


Truman is penning a great adaptation, but Giorello, as always, trumps the writing. Barry Windsor-Smith was awesome and Cary Nord was pretty good, but Tomás Giorello slays at drawing the Hyborian Age. When I daydream of Conan when reading (or, let’s be honest, rereading) some random Conan story, I see Tomás Giorello’s art. His art is expressive and moody. It fits Conan like a glove. A very manly like my manly weeping (probably a bloody glove too) but a glove nonetheless.

Fans of Conan new and old will appreciate this issue. It’s quintessential Conan. Get in on the game early. While this is only the second issue, Truman and Giorello are building on the foundations of a great story. The best is yet to come.

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King Conan: The Hour of The Dragon #2, from Dark Horse Comics, will be available June 26th, 2013.


Who else is reading Dark Horse's Conan saga? Share your thoughts below!

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