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MightyVille's Sam Moyerman went to Wizard World Philadelphia this year and saw all sorts of faces. Fending off Jedi Battles and Deadpool Dance-Offs, he was able to bring us his report!

MightyVille's Sam Moyerman went to Wizard World Philadelphia this year and saw all sorts of faces. Fending off Jedi Battles and Deadpool Dance-Offs, he was able to bring us his report!


Since I wrote about the ever-changing Wizard World experience already this year, I figured it would be a good idea to head over to the Philly show and see how it was growing.  And grow it had.  I had a list of goals to accomplish this year ... in all honesty, this was a half-written article that never got published because of a week vacation in Hawaii... 

And yes, I tell you all this to once again mention that I just spent a week in Hawaii. 

So, I’ve reworked that idea here and will tell you how well I did at each goal.

Goal 1: Attend more than one day of the show. It’s always good to go to an early day, get a layout of the land, and be prepared for the massive amount of people that come on Saturday and Sunday. But due to massive jet-lag, attending Thursday became an impossibility.  I’d have probably have fallen asleep on my feet.  FAILED.



Goal 2: Ever since they started adding celebrity row to these shows I have had to grab an autograph for someone else.  Last year it was a Jason Priestly autograph on my sister’s 90210 pillow.  This year it was the same pillow, but I was to add Shannen Doherty’s signature to it.  But, thought I trekked multiple times through Celebrity Row, I could not find Ms. Doherty.  I could have attended the Charmed panel, but that was a bit much.  Maybe next year.  FAILED.

Celebrity Row note: It’s always interesting to see who has the longest lines for autographs and Polaroids (each of which will cost at least $25).  This year the big winners were Summer Glau and Norman Reedus, each of whom has a line that stretched past their queue out the door.  Big losers were Andrew McCarthy who only had three people when I checked (seriously people, this is a travesty, neither Reedus nor Glau was in Weekend at Bernie’s) and Brandon Routh, who placed 2nd in the former Superman line category to Dean Cain. I also couldn’t decide if it was worth waiting in Lauren Holly’s line to ask her what kind of a chance a guy like me had with a girl like her. I’m thinking it was more like "1 in a million".



Goal 3: Wander Artist's Alley, say hello to old friends, and support some fun indie books.  ACCOMPLISHED.  The layout of the convention floor was a little confusing at first, I searched for Artist's Alley for something like ten minutes before finding myself trapped in it (hey genius, next time, just look up for signs).  Seriously, it was almost impossible to navigate the convention floor.  Once I made it into Artist's Alley, I couldn’t find my way back out.  But that was good, because it lead me to old friends (and incredibly talented artists) Kate Glasheen, who showed off some exceptional new work in an adaptation of a lost Faulkner short, and Ian Glaumbinger, who does free sketches and needs to be reminded as much as possible that he should have added more Short Round to his Indiana Jones piece, as well as some new purchases like Sara Richard’s Eisner-Nominated Kitty and Dino and Mark Poulson’s A Cat Named Haiku.  I must have been in a cute mood.  Both books are incredibly fun and worth a purchase.  Another impressive artist was Evan Baranowski who designed his table perfectly to move your own from his work.  I just wish his preview book for his upcoming Story of Limbo was a little more polished.  It shows a great deal of promise, but you know he rushed this out just to make sure he had something to sell.  The one purchase I wanted to make, but didn’t get to was Ryan Inzaka’s Ichiro.  I finally made it out of Artist's Alley and was rushing to get to a panel, and by the time I got back Ryan was gone.  It would have been a nice break from all the cutesy stuff I was buying (I swear, A Cat Named Haiku was for my girlfriend).  But that does bring me to my next item.



Goal 4: Attend  a panel(s).  ACCOMPLISHED.  I found three panels in the middle of the day that were to my liking (and also helped keep me off the convention floor where I was destined/doomed to spend too much money): Hip Hop and Comics, Women in Comics, and Marvel: From NOW! To Infinity.  The first two were interesting topics and promised to show off some of the diversity in the industry, and the last was a welcome return to Wizard World for Marvel Comics.  Sadly, the "Hip Hop" panel was a few attendees short as a number of Emcees were unable to make it to the show on time.  This made the panel more of a discussion for audience members to speak about how the two art forms connect for them and what makes a “hip hop comic.”  Personally, I thought the discussion degraded more into breaking stereotypes I thought long ago broken (does anyone still imagine a “hip hopper” as someone with baggy jeans and gold chains?) and strangely deciding not to truly define a hip hop comic (basically using the Supreme Court definition of "pornography": I can’t describe it but I know it when I see it).  The "Women in Comics" panel was run much better (and better attended too).  But again fell into some bad trappings.  The very talented Tania Del Rios and Sara Richard were on the panel.  And it is great to hear them tell stories about how they broke into the industry and what their advice is to others.  A great panel when it remained on topics the panelists were knowledgeable on.



Tangent: Every once in a while the focus would shift to mainstream superhero books, and they really knew nothing about them, which is fine as that’s not their area, but I hated hearing their answers.  When asked what they would do with Wonder Woman, they all gave answers that were strangely similar to what Brian Azzarello is currently doing on the book, showing that they don’t actually read it (which was also proven when they were asked for writers who write good women, as they mentioned Azzarello’s wife Jill Thompson, but not him).  Also, we need a moratorium on the whole Starfire debate, especially by people who don’t read Red Hood & The Outlaws.  Or at least we need to acknowledge that Starfire has been drawn in scantily clad clothing since she was created and was always a sexual being (for crying out loud, she used to make out with characters to learn their language!).  It should also be noted that despite the outcry after issue #1, Starfire has had one sexual partner for the entire series (way to go Roy!) and did lead a massive space battle to help her people reclaim their place in the universe.



The "Marvel" panel was definitely a highlight.  Not just because it was great to see Marvel back at Wizard World, but because it was basically a Q&A session.  And while the crowd would have liked some reveals of books and news, the heavily attended panels instead included some great stories and anecdotes, fun tales from each creator there (including Lenil Francis Yu, Khoi Pham, Phil Noto, and C.B. Cebulski).



Goal 5: See some Jedi and enjoy the cosplay.  ACCOMPLISHED.  Rather than a small arena, this year the Jedi had their own stage, which lead to not just battling, but storytelling as well.  This year’s skits included not just Jedi fights, but background music and dialogue.  This surely made up for the lacking fight choreography (a few too many “start my swing, slow my swing, wait for the block and parry” movements in there).  The cosplay was fantastic again this year, my favorites (that I sadly missed pictures with) were a girl who looked an awful lot like she was Kevin Cannon’s Penny From the Front (seriously, if you aren’t reading the digitally published Double Barrel you are sorely missing out).  She disappeared into the crowd as I was chasing for a picture.  Also, a group of people dressed as the guards from Spaceballs ... after they had their uniforms stolen.  Good times.  But even though I missed them, I made sure to get video of Deadpool and Devil May Cry’s Dante dancing.


Goal 6: Conduct an interview.  ACCOMPLISHED.  Got in an interview with up and coming comic writer and filmmaker Vlad Yutin on his soon to be published Arcana comic Head Smash.  See my next article for this interesting discussion.



All in all, once again Wizard World Philly proved to be a very fun show.  From Celebrity Row through Artist Alley to the Publisher booths, everything was well attended.  People were nice and informative.  The only thing I would ask from the planners next year is make it easier to get in.  There was one entrance into the main hall and to get there required a bit of a walk.  There is a joke somewhere about out of shape nerds falling down like their own Trail of Tears.  Also, maybe keep the panels closer to the show itself.  It literally took me 20 minutes, a trip down, up, and back down escalators, and a walk outside across the street before I made the panel rooms.  That’s too much.  Oh yeah, one final goal:

Goal 7: Get my writeup and interview up in a timely fashion... well, let’s just call this one a push. [Editor's Note: I'll take some responsibility for that one.]


(Sam Moyerman is a professional demon hunter. He editorializes on the hunt while camped out within the protective womb of hollowed monster husk.)


Who else has gone to Wizard World shows this year? Let us know where and what was most exciting!

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