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With all the announcements that came out of San Diego Comic Con this year, it's been pretty difficult to stay on top of it all from all the different news-feeds. But fear not! Here at MightyVille, we've rounded up all the SDCC 2013 highlights and put them all into one place for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!


With all the announcements that came out of San Diego Comic Con this year, it's been pretty difficult to stay on top of it all from all the different news-feeds. But fear not! Here at MightyVille, we've rounded up all the SDCC 2013 highlights and put them all into one place for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!



Thursday July 18, 2013


DC Entertainment: ALL ACCESS Panel


  • John Constantine is the “wild card” of Trinity War.
  • Lex Luthor is the main character in Forever Evil.
  • Aquaman will be meeting the first King of Atlantis and will not be fighting SharkNado.
  • Green Arrow will take on The Outsiders.
  • There may be a Shazam series next year.




  • A Female Copperhead is revealed as a villain. She’ll be later introduced in the comics.

  • Adam West’s Batman ’66 will be a playable skin in the game.
  • Can you be Batgirl? Play to find out!



DC Digital Panel


  • Pia Guerra will be drawing an upcoming Adventures of Superman story.
  • Shane Davis will be working on a Clayface story for Legends of the Dark Knight.
  • Smallville Special #3 will feature Lex Luthor.
  • Scooby-Doo Meets Batman & Robin, coming November 2013.


The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Panel


  • Stefano Gaudiano will join the art team for All Out War.
  • The Walking Dead #1 Color Special will be out in October.
  • Negan’s history will be revealed in snippets throughout the upcoming issues.
  • There are no plans for the Walkers to evolve.
  • On Daryl Dixon showing up in the comics, Robert Kirkman says, "You never know … but it’ll never happen."


Superior Spider-Man Panel


  • In Daredevil, Foggy Nelson's storyline was conceived "as a way of showing how people actually live with [cancer], not just show someone that's defeated by it."
  • Venom and Superior Spider-Man are facing off in "Darkest Hours," starting with November's Superior Spider-Man #22. It's the first meeting between Superior Spider-Man and the Flash Thompson Venom.
  • The Green Goblin return story is a huge part of the upcoming year.
  • Will we see the return of Peter Parker's ghost? Stephen Wacker says: "No! There's no more Peter Parker! How clear can we make it!"



Vertigo: Defy Panel


  • Jason Aaron will provide a story in American Vampire Anthology.
  • Coffin Hill and Hinterkind will debut in October.
  • The Discipline is starting in December, written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Leo Fernandez.
  • Also in December is Suiciders, written and drawn by Lee Bermejo. It takes place in a Los Angeles that's been devastated by an earthquake. "They created this game that's essentially a mixed martial arts-meets-gladiator game, called Suiciders... It's big, open, and energetic ... and violent."


Friday July 19, 2013


CW's Arrow casts Caity Lotz as Black Canary.


Star Wars Comics – Here and Now Panel


  • Dawn of the Jedi's next arc is called Force Wars, and Xesh joins the Je'dai in defense of the Tython System.
  • In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker and Wedge sneak onto a Star Destroyer. Luke and Leia will also be going back to Tattooine, where Luke has some unfinished business. In another upcoming issue, Leia will pay a visit to the remains of Alderaan and "makes a terrifying discovery there."
  • A new series, Star Wars: Ewoks starts with a story called Shadows of Endor. It takes place right when the Empire has first landed and started to build.


Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Panel


  • Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand is starting in November. It's a five-issue story by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. It's basically "Galactus coming to Ultimate Earth and eating it."
  • Will Ultimate Peter Parker will come back? "Peter has passed away, and he's not coming back," Bendis says. "But there is a 200th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man happening very soon. Something to think about."


DC Comics Justice League – Trinity War Panel


  • Dr. Fate will guest star briefly in Justice League #6.
  • The Question and Superman will also team-up in Trinity War.
  • Firestorm has a pretty big role in Trinity War, because he can make Kryptonite.
  • There are "huge plans" for Martian Manhunter in 2014.
  • Hal Jordan will be back in Justice League in 2014.


Disney announces that Star Wars is coming to Phineas and Ferb!



Cobie Smulders will be reprising her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot episode.


Marvel’s Cup O’ Joe Panel


  • The name of the new character on the cover to Inhuman #1 is Inferno.
  • Andy Lanning and "various superstar artists" are teaming for Revolutionary War, debuting in November 2013, which features the return of Marvel UK characters like Death's Head and Motormouth.
  • Origin II, a sequel to the famed Wolverine origin story, is starting in November, from Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert.
  • Ed Brubaker has a cameo in Captain America: Winter Soldier.
  • The web search at the end of Spider-Men will "absolutely, 100 percent" be followed up on.



Gail Simone has been tapped to create the new comic book adventures of Lara Croft in The Tomb Raider, which launches February 26, 2014 from Dark Horse Comics.



It's AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 Extended trailer!




 It's the KICK-ASS 2 Extended Trailer!



DC Comics' Superman Unchained Panel


  • The story involves an alien named Wraith that came to Earth before Superman. "He is Superman's worst nightmare."
  • Lois Lane has the third biggest role in this story, other than Superman and Wraith.


DC Comics' The New 52 Panel


Green Arrow will tie-in to Batman: Zero Year and "it all builds up to his return to the island."

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are writing together for the first time on a new  Harley Quinn series.

Batwoman vs Batman in Batwoman #24

Commissioner Gordon will punch Batman in the face in Batgirl.

Batman will appear in Talon #12, in response to the Court of Owl’s return.

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is a “huge” one.



A round of applause for the 2013 Eisner Award Winners, including Chris Ware's Building Stories, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' Saga, Matt Fraction and David Aja for Hawkeye, Juanjo Guarnido for Blacksad, and many more! (Click the link for full list.)


Saturday July 20, 2013


DC Comics Batman: Zero Year Panel


  • Scott Snyder says he loves The Riddler, and that the character "believes he's the smartest man in the world. And he's pretty close."
  • The Batman costume in Batman #24 will be a "modernized version" of the Bob Kane original. Bruce Wayne also looks different under the cowl.
  • There will also be a new take on the first Batmobile.
  • Two-Face has a major arc coming in the title that used to be Batman & Robin.



DC Comics' Green Lantern: Recharged Panel


  • “Some gigantic things” are going to happen in Lights Out.
  • Kyle Rayner, as the only White Lantern, is now once again "a corps of one," as he was when he was introduced. New Guardians will focus on this.
  • You can't be a Red Lantern unless you're really fired up, and in doing so, Guy Gardner went too far. He got so mad that he beat Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns, to death.
  • October's Green Lantern Annual #2, out October 23, will open up new plotlines and "the next longform story arc of what the Green Lantern books are going to be."
  • The Entities will be a part of the stories the current creative teams have planned.



Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Panel


  • Starting in October, which just happens to be the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead, is All Out War, the most explosive, largest-scale epic in The Walking Dead thus far.
  • Invincible #105 will be a good "primer" for new fans.
  • New series Manifest Destiny will envision Lewis and Clark as "black-ops government agents," finding and killing exotic creatures. The creative team is newcomer comic book writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts.
  • Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera are teaming on new series Dead Body Road, debuting in November, which Scalera calls a revenge-driven western.
  • Davis Schulner calls his ongoing series Clone a "grounded sci-fi thriller," starring main character Luke discovering a version of himself bleeding to death.


Official Announcement: A Superman/Batman movie is coming in 2015!



  • Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer, and Christopher Nolan will be returning to the production team.
  • Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane will be returning to the cast.
  • A brand new Batman will be cast!



Marvel Video Games Panel


  • The Colossus "Outback Costume" has been added recently to Marvel Heroes, the Ms. Marvel "Binary" costume, and "coming very very soon, Storm in her Marvel NOW! X-Men outfit!"
  • The Cable "War Baby" costume with his metal baby bjorn on his chest is coming.
  • Hulk as War, the Horseman of Apocalypse is in the game now. Captain America in his "First Avenger" costume was added, too.
  • The Superior Spider-Man costume is on the way. Human Torch is the first post-launch hero. Next up is Emma Frost, Luke Cage, Nova, and Squirrel Girl.
  • Marvel Heroes will be adding Asgard as a playable location.
  • Marvel Pinball to feature Dr. Strange.
  • Marvel’s Infinity event will join Marvel Avengers Alliance and War of Heroes.
  • X-Men: Battle of the Atom is a second card game coming for mobile.
  • Marvel Avengers Alliance will go into Season 2 soon. Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight, Brother Voodoo, and Elektra are all on the way as playable characters.
  • Thor: The Dark World, for iPhone, iPad, and Android in November 2013.
  • LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes is said to offer 150 Marvel characters: Hulk, Thing, Lizard, Juggernaut, Colossus, Kingpin, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Jean Grey, Elektra, Agent Coulson, Magneto, Silver Samurai, The Punisher, Beast, Gambit, Storm, Green Goblin, Iron Patriot, Juggernaut, Squirrel Girl, Rhino, Thing, Vulture, Sabretooth, Invisible Woman, Howard The Duck, Dr. Strange, & Deadpool.


Announcement: The Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon renewed for third season.


Marvel's Infinity Panel


  • Inhumanity spins out of Infinity, leading to Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira's Inhuman, a new ongoing series starting in January 2014.
  • Steve McNiven will join Rick Remender on Uncanny Avengers. The story will feature Red Skull, the Apocalypse Twins, Kang, go through time and space, and will "have a large body count. The heroes will pay with loss of life."
  • Frank Tieri's Infinity: Heist is "Ocean's 11 with Iron Man villains. It's Reservoir Dogs, Usual Suspects, not your usual comic book fare." Spymaster brings together a team to pull a heist on Stark Enterprises while Iron Man and the Avengers are off fighting Thanos.
  • New Warriors will appear in Nova.
  • Doom 2099 has a huge part in Uncanny Avengers soon.



X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Panel


  • Hugh Jackman thanks Len Wein for creating Wolverine.
  • Wolverine will be shunted back into his younger body for X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Halle Berry wants Storm to “get some”.
  • Anna Paquin was cast as Rogue way back when she was 13 and “is down” to see an onscreen romance between Rogue and Gambit.


Marvel Studios Panel



"Peter Quill is this guy who lives in space! I don't know what I can say, but he's kind of jerky, had a hard time as a kid, now he goes around in space making out with hot alien girls and just being a rogue and a jerk. Through teaming up with these guys, he finds a higher purpose for himself, really cares about something and puts his life on the line. That's who Peter Quill is." - Director James Gunn on Guardians of The Galaxy's lead.

Karen Gillan's Nebula is bald, and Gillan actually shaved her head for the role. "I was a little worried that I would look like an overgrown fetus, but it's liberating! Everyone should shave their heads."



Ultron is the villain for the Avengers sequel, and its title is Avengers: Age of Ultron.




Sunday July 21, 2013


Twenty-one Years of Top Cow Panel


The movie adaptation of The Darkness is back on track with a script that sees none other than Sara Pezzini, the Witchblade, chasing Jackie Estacado.

Marc Silvestri will launch a new series he’ll be writing and drawing titled The Magi. The series will find the world on the brink of destruction with a mad search underway to find a supernatural solution.

A new original graphic novel coming in November is titled Darkness Falls, with a Dale Keown cover showing The Darkness’ severed head held in the clutches of a female Witchblade.

An all-ages book titled Teen Witchblade is on the way. It features Witchblade, the Darkness, and the Angelus, all coming into their powers during their teenage years.

The 2013 Talent Hunt will open up on September 1st with a deadline of December 31st. The four winners of that contest will do one-shot Tales Of… comics chronicling one of the 13 Artifact Bearers.

Control with Colleen Doran about a eugenics conspiracy is on the way, and a series called Wildfire with artist Linda Sejic. Another ongoing series is titled Voice in the Dark; it follows a teenage serial killer who’s given a late night radio show when she begins attending college. This series is written by comics newcomer Larime Taylor.



DC Comics' Superman: The New 52 Era Panel


  • Superman: Unchained #4: This issue is really the point where Superman gets 'pwned.'
  • When we get to Superman #25, the Superman-verse will literally not be the same from beyond, and it all comes from Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy re-teaming in those two issues before.
  • The Superman Annual is a 38-page story with only 10 pages of Superman - it's actually a Lois Lane story, with Superman cameos. "It's Lois's 75th Anniversary as well, and it was time to really put the spotlight on her," said writer Scott Lobdell.
  • Over in Supergirl, Kara is trying to stay alive while Brainiac and Cyborg Superman are battling over her.



Marvel Comics' X-Men Panel


  • What's next for Deadpool: "We kill Wolverine. Spoiler."
  • Gerry Duggan says the upcoming Declan Shalvey-illustrated "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" in Deadpool story will take a "dark turn," and go back to a place that's "Weapon Plus-adjacent."
  • Terry Dodson is joining adjectiveless X-Men in November with issue #7. Dodson says it's a "real pleasure" to work with Brian Wood.
  • Announcement: Amazing X-Men, starting in November 2013, from writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness. "Nightcrawler is dead, but that's not the end of his story," editor Nick Lowe says. The story will involve Azazel, Nightcrawler's father, as a demonic pirate.



That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed this round-up. For an awesome compilation of videos from all the Marvel Movie Panels, check out this link at Newsarama.

Till next year!


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