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B.J. Morgan just survived a boat trip with Conan and returns to shore to tell you all about how awesome it was. Fill us in, B.J.!


B.J. Morgan just survived a boat trip with Conan and returns to shore to tell you all about how awesome it was. Fill us in, B.J.!


There needs to be a bad issue of Conan released sometime soon because I feel a bit guilty about giving the title such glowing reviews. I haven’t been writing too long for Mightyville, but I’m already feeling like I’m running out of things to say about this book besides, “Why aren’t you reading this yet?”

Issue #19 starts the Black Stones arc and it’s a fantastic start. Conan and Belit find a relic on a ship they have boarded. But this isn’t your typical ship. The crew swears it has been blessed and that they are now cursed for generations. The book promises to be not just a battle between Conan and some local yokel religious zealots. The issue makes clear that Conan is taking on local yokel religious zealots and their god. As always, Conan serves an equal balance of good dialogue interplay and righteous sword and sorcery action.



I have mentioned in recent reviews of Conan titles here at Mightyville that Conan has been blessed in recent years with a wellspring of talented creators who seem to love and cherish the character. Art duties for this issue fall on the worthy shoulders of Paul Azaceta. My main connection with Azaceta is his work on the 2009 Punisher Noir miniseries and a few issues of Daredevil, both from Marvel. The art in this issue is simple, but effective. At first, I actually didn’t like it, mainly because I was spoiled by the superb art Davide Gianfelice provided the last few issues. However, Azaceta’s art grew on me by the middle of the book. By the time I had finished, I was ready to offer him the permanent job on Conan because, you know, I have that kind of power.  

Brian Wood & Co. continue to lend creative weight to the title, making each issue a must-read for the month. Black Stones promises to be a worthy addition to Conan already entertaining back catalog.

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Conan The Barbarian #19 will be available Wednesday August 21, 2013 from Dark Horse Comics.


What's been your favorite story arc from Brian Wood's Conan series so far? Let us know!


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