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MightyVille's Sommer K. and uber-artist Frank Cho sat down for a quick chat. Want to know why you may need to book a trip to Europe to check out his newest work? Read on!


MightyVille's Sommer K. and uber-artist Frank Cho sat down for a quick chat. She had five questions; he had at least five answers. Want to know why you may need to book a trip to Europe to check out his newest work? Read on!


MightyVille: You’re known for drawing beautiful women, and we’ve also seen you draw a lot of cool monsters and dinosaurs. Are there certain characters you really love to draw, and are there any characters that you haven’t had the chance to draw professionally that you would really love to do?

Frank Cho: Yeah, I like to draw monsters and drawing horror stuff, in general. But I am known for my pin-up stuff. Character-wise, I really want to draw Conan! Yeah, Conan and for DC I would really like to draw Power Girl. I’d love to really revamp Power Girl.



Is there a reason you are drawn to savage characters, like Conan?

I’ve always been a horror fan. I guess you could blame Ray Harryhausen movies and those horror, Hammer films growing up. I’ve always been a fan of those, so that kind of influenced my art.


Are there particular artists that influenced your art, and that inspire you now?

Oh yeah! When I was growing up I really loved Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, John Buscema, Don Newton, and all those classic, green guys. So, that’s what I like. And there are a lot of great new artists out there in the industry, especially the gaming industry. 

I know you sometimes face controversy and censorship with your work. Is that something that really bothers you, or do you just take it as part of the job?

It bothers me, but it is part of the job. So, in the future, I’m actually trying to branch out into a bit more European stuff where there’s no censorship. It’s really nice. It gives you the freedom you don’t really see in American comics. So that’s what I want to do, and what I am actually doing right now.

Awesome! And that leads me to my wrap-up question, what do you have coming up on the horizon that you are excited about and we should look out for?

Several creator-owned things, a couple of which will be published by my French publisher, Delcourt. My buddy, Thierry Mornet, he works there. I’m really good friends with him so I think I’m gonna love to work with him. The stuff I do with him will eventually be published in the American market, but first I’m going to do the French and European markets, because again it will have no censorship and will then get a bigger release.


Brutal, by Joe Keating & Frank Cho, coming from Delcourt and Image Comics


And you’ll be writing and drawing them?
Yep, writing and drawing.



Well, thanks so much Frank! Thanks for the interview, and we’ll be planning a trip to Europe so we can check out your upcoming stuff!


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