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When I first heard about Dark Horse’s upcoming “female clowns-turned-hitmen” series, I thought, “Huh?” Then I thought, “Huh ... this could be quite fun.” So when our friends at Dark Horse Comics sent us an advance copy of Clown Fatale #1, I couldn't wait to check it out. Here's what I thought...


The title alone says it all, don’tcha think?

When I first heard about Dark Horse’s upcoming “female clowns-turned-hitmen” series, I thought, “Huh?” Then I thought, “Huh ... this could be quite fun.” So when our friends at Dark Horse Comics sent us an advance copy of the first issue, I couldn't wait to check it out. And I’m very glad I did.



Clown Fatale is not the type of book I’d generally look forward to reading. Something about the premise and cover art (by Tim Seeley) really stuck in my mind. And the issue played out pretty much as I hoped it would. We’re introduced to Chloe, Candy, Tina, and Aya, a quartet of tough-as-nails party girls who also happen to be disenchanted circus clowns. We get a little bit of insight as to what makes them tick, with more to be revealed, I’m sure. And as with any well-done opening chapter, we’re also introduced to the varying layers of antagonists that the girls will be forced to deal with in the coming months: angry circus owners, angry Russian knife-throwers, and angry drug dealers. Lots of anger. Good times ahead!

Writer Victor Gischler handles this grindhouse-style drama rather well. This ain’t his first rodeo. That being said, some of the dialogue could use some work. While the girls have unique and interesting voices, the supporting cast comes off a bit two dimensional. That will most likely improve going forward. Some situations are a bit over-the-top, but that’s to be expected with this type of story. The art by Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio isn’t my favorite, but works well for the story, being a great fit for the theme and setting. The sketchy watercolors blend rather nicely in this Clown World we’re in. Speaking of, that would my last major complaint: while they’re definitely in costume, they don’t really look like clowns.



Final Verdict: Clown Fatale #1 is a fun read with a lot to offer. It’s definitely “different” and tips the “bad girl” genre onto its side (in a good way). It combines all the elements of popular comics (action, thrills, costumes, and anatomically correct women), but takes you in a completely different direction. Clown Fatale would make an awesome film, something akin to Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof.

I’m very much looking forward to the second issue. And to see what else Aya does. And so should you. If you’re looking for something that branches out a bit from the typical comic book faire, check out Clown Fatale. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Clown Fatale #1 will be available November 13, 2013 from Dark Horse Comics. Check out the trailer below for more:




(Preview pages courtesy of


Read the issue and let us know what you think about the misadventure of these killer clowns!


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