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Joe Kach read the first two issues of the much-loved digital indie title Zoe: Out of Time and found the story to be quite enjoyable. Want to know why? Read on!


I wasn't sure what to expect going into Zoe: Out of Time. This digital-first, independent title had slipped under my radar, and usually when that happens, there’s no going back. So, I’m quite pleased that writers/creators J. Michalski and Alexander Lagos reached out to me and asked if I’d like to take a look at their most recent creator-owned offering, because they've crafted quite an adventure here and, yup, I am definitely along for the ride.

In a nutshell, Zoe: Out of Time is the story of two time-crossed lovers joined by an adoration of music and facing the biggest challenge of their lives together: the evil that is Corporate Music and Media. Trent Darrow is the 17-year-old lead singer of Rebel Lions, the hottest grunge band of 1990 that you've never heard of. Zoe Black is his biggest, most rebellious fan in the year 2050. An accident of science chance bands them together (no pun intended) to fight for love and true artistic vision against Bobby Ventura, the megalomaniacal head of Ventura Records, Hell-bent on releasing the Lions' first album under any circumstances.  



So far, Zoe is quite an engaging story with production quality that rivals most of what you’d see on the stands (whether digital or print) today. I was never bored- the story moves along at a great pace, introducing twists and turns across two timelines simultaneously. The characters’ voices are unique, each bringing something different to the group dynamic. And there’s definitely a mystery at play here that’s being touched upon with masterful subtlety. You know something big is coming, but you don’t know why. And it’s almost like the “why” doesn't matter.

Some of the dialogue was a little rough, but that’s generally something that sorts itself out over time. The way the “future thugs” spoke to each other was a bit generic and felt like we were getting a bit of the Mutants’ chatter from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Some of the lettering can use refining, especially the sound effects (which sometimes seemed as if someone had painted the word onto the side of a building or vehicle, for example), but as someone who’s dabbled in the world of self-publishing, I knew how daunting some of those seemingly “simple” details can be. Again, something that improves with experience. The artwork is slick and clean, the colors pop, it really does look fantastic. The overall storytelling is fairly straight-forward and by-the-numbers, which can be good or bad, depending on your reading preference. I found it refreshing that what could have potentially been an overly-convoluted time-travel story was instead boiled down to some bare essentials.



Final verdict: Zoe: Out of Time is a great read and a small breath of fresh air in today’s market. It’s great to see a group of up-and-comers take advantage of the freedoms allowed to you in the digital domain and put out such a quality product. Michalski, Lagos, and artist Derlis Santacruz (check out his art on recent issues of Justice League of America) have managed to mix up rock ‘n’ roll, drama, romance, and sci-fi into one quite enjoyable cocktail. While a little rough around the edges, Zoe: Out of Time chapters 1 and 2 are a fantastic opening to a saga that I would recommend to just about anyone.


An early look at the cover to Zoe: Out of Time #3!


I can’t wait to see what happens next! Check it out now, people. These guys are going places. 


Zoe: Out of Time #1 and #2 are available now at ComiXology and Amazon Kindle. What are you waiting for? Download it now and let us know what you think below!


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