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Dark Horse Comics continues to build their new superhero universe, adding in a controversial government superhero to their world building.  

Skyman starts off very promising.  In the first few pages we learn about our current Skyman, who is not exactly the nicest guy:  Drunk, angry, and racist, which is probably not the way the government wanted their super hero program revealed to the world.  So they go into crisis mode and find a new guy to take over the program.  Someone to be a new face of Skyman.  Which gives a great appearance to the world, but makes a lot of people not so happy.  So while the rest of the world finally starts to smile again at the Skyman program, those actually on the inside begin to seethe.



The main problem with world building is that you have limited space to lay the foundation.  If given proper time and more than 20 or so pages to start a story, it’s allowed to breathe and come about organically.  If there is one problem that seems to come out when reading this book, it’s that no matter who was writing it, there were certain beats that had to be met.  The opening sequence with the now former Skyman going crazy, the decision to have a new Skyman, the fact that people are unhappy with the choice, and the infighting that will (hopefully) become a staple of the book.  Luckily for Skyman, Josh Fialkov is a talented enough writer to keep everything from seeming too forced.  He moves the story along at a nice pace.  His dialogue is never forced, his interplay and infighting between the two lead characters being especially good and a reason to come back to this book.

The artwork, while being clean and clear, does seem a little bit rushed however.  Manuel Garcia is a good enough artist to hope that this is just him getting his feet wet and learning the characters, but the book didn't seem to pop off the page like it should have.  There are a few scenes where you want a little more majesty and it feels a little too dull.  One wonders if a brighter color palette for the book (especially considering how important color is to the book) would have helped out here, as the book feels very muted.  It never detracts from the book, but you tend to think it could be a lot better and enjoyable on the eyes.  



In the end there’s enough here to keep coming back to the book, especially with Fialkov writing it.  For those that have been reading Dark Horse’s superhero output, they will really enjoy it.  For anyone who was thinking about jumping in, this is a fine place to start without feeling like you missed too much or need to go out and buy eight other books.  In the end I’d call it a three-star book.



For a full preview of Skyman #1, click here!


Skyman #1 is in stores January 15th, 2014 from Dark Horse Comics. Pick up a copy and let us know what you think!


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