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Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force #1


Welcome to the first installment of Number One Bullets! Each week, Joe Kach and Geoff D. will take an early look at all the first (or zero) issues sent our way from Image Comics, Dark Horse, Valiant, IDW, Dynamite, and more! The guys will give you a quick breakdown of each issue, and let you know whether or not it's something you may want to continue reading. After you pick up the comics, come back and let us know where you stand!




Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #1 (IDW): Mikey Neumann wrote the previous Borderlands comic, a prequel to the game, as well as the first Borderlands game itself. Borderlands featured silent protagonists, so giving voice to the four main characters is a nice touch, and anyone who has played the games will appreciate the humor from Claptrap.  As a first issue this book covers it's bases:  We get quick character introductions, a bit of action, some levity from Claptrap, and the setup for an adventure for our characters.  A good read for fans of the game and the art is clean with easy to follow action, though I would find it hard to recommend to anyone not already familiar with the universe of Borderlands and looking for more. (Geoff)

3 out of 5




Doberman #1 (IDW): A fun buddy-cop comic from one of the writers of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Full of over the top 90's cliches and one liners, Frank "Doberman" Doberano  is a great throwback to the tough guy cop character made famous by Jean Claude Van Damme and Mel Gibson.  The first issue was a fun light hearted read, but nostalgia for 90's movies will only take this book so far.  I will definitely give issue #2 a read. (Geoff)

3 out of 5




Squidder #1 (IDW): As a fan of 30 Days of Night and Ben Templesmith in general, Squidder is a treat for the eyes to be sure.  The story itself is interesting, while not entirely original.  Cthulhu-type cult, end of the world, post-apocalyptic setting, and the last Super Soldier who has lost it all in the fight, out to take on one last mission.  I will definitely be looking forward to the next issue of Squidder to see more of the world Templesmith has created. (Geoff)

4 out of 5




Star Trek - Flesh & Stone #1 (IDW): Flesh & Stone is a good read for any Star Trek fans.  It's a fan service one-shot no doubt, bringing all the doctors from the various TV series' together.  The plot is a bit contrived: All the small pieces that have to fall in place to get characters separated by time and space together in one story is a bit of a stretch, but it works.  While the plot might be silly, the characterization of the doctors is not, the voices are spot on.  As a long time fan of all forms of Trek, I could hear the actors in my mind as I read through this and they sounded great. (Geoff)

4 out of 5




The Last Fall #1 (IDW):  Issue one of a five-issue mini series sets the somber tone for a military revenge story.  Set in a Sci-Fi setting that is a very simple allegory for the US "war on terror", The Last Fall follows a soldier out for revenge on the terrorist who murdered his family.  The usual players and set dressings are all there; religious fundamentalism, resource exploitation, and a hi-tech army fighting a low-tech resistance.  I will be passing on issue two of The Last Fall unless it starts to generate some buzz as the story develops. As an introductory issue, it feels very "safe", without anything to grab the reader and draw them back in to see what happens next. (Geoff)

3 out of 5




X-Files - Year Zero #1 (IDW): Unfortunately, this was not a very enjoyable read. The new characters were not very enagging, and the story itself felt too "by-the-books". Too bad, this had some potential. (Geoff)

2 out of 5




Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force #1 (Image): Oh man, this comic was all over the place. As  a fan of the original incarnations of both Cyber Force and Aphrodite IX, this was something I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, it was not new reader friendly. To fully understand this issue, you would have had to have read both the recent Cyber Force: Rebirth and Aphrodite IX: Rebirth stories (collected editions available now). That being said, even the recaps at the beginning of the issue did not help this overly-convoluted, time-travel centric plot. Further, this was simply a lead in issue to IXth Generation, a new Top Cow title debuting later this year. Also, I think Cyber Force appeared in it for all of two pages. Stjepan Sejic's art carries on the Top Cow house-style without skipping a beat. So, if you are a fan of what Top Cow's been doing with their universe for the past few years, then this is probably a must-read. Otherwise, I would skip it. (Joe)

2.5 out of 5




Cap'n Dinosaur #1 (Image): Cap'n Dinosaur is unique book, but it might be too unique for me.  With art reminiscent of Mike Allred and a story that is an odd mix of Batman '66 and Noir narration, Cap'n Dinosaur is definitely an interesting read.  The art is simple, yet solid and works well to set the mood for the story.  The writing is good and clever, mixing the simple mindedness of the villains with the edgy, and somewhat sexualized, tone of our two protagonists: Captain Dinosaur and Honey Moon.  I think there is value in this title for sure, and I enjoy its quirky style, but I don't think it's one I will continue to follow.  However, if you are a fan of Axe Cop or Peter Milligan's older X-Statix title, then I think you should give this comic a shot. (Geoff)

3.5 out of 5




Dark Engine #1 (Image): Wow, where do I begin? Ribswords, alchemists, time-travelling sentient engines, oh my! This comic stars Sym, a savage woman sent on a mission to the past to save her future. But, she's brought something with her that may make the whole endeavour an exercise in futility. With demons, dinosaurs, and pyramids littering this world, we follow Sym on her path of destruction and salvation. And the reason I know all that is because I had to go to the Image Comics website to have this comic explained to me. It's very well-written, the art fits perfectly, and this is something that should blow the minds of people who are into the Heavy Metal-style world and story. However, I was completely lost from start to end, and while I totally acknowledge the craftsmanship here, it's a bit too out there for my tastes. (Joe)

3 out of 5




Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #1 (Dyamite): I have a confession to make: I have not seen the Army of Darkness film (I know, I know, but I have seen the first two Evil Dead films!). I have another confession: I have never read an issue of the Army of Darkness comic, even though I am a fan of what writer Steve Niles puts out. So, it may not be the most fair thing in the world for me to review this issue, but I digress. Here, our titular hero, Ash, is about to get married! This was clearly a carry-over from the last Army of Darkness series, and without any sort of recap, I was a little lost as to how we got here or how Ash met his fair maiden. Apparently, it had something to do with King Arthur. Story confusion aside, Niles handles the plot, pacing, and characterization very well. If you're a fan of the previous AoD comics from Dynamite, or the film, this is definitely something you'll want to read. Otherwise, hey, give it a shot if you're looking for something a little different. If I was a bigger fan of the franchise, I probably would have rated this higher. (Joe)

3.5 out of 5




Lady Zorro #1 (Dynamite): OK, so, this is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a comic titled Lady Zorro from Dynamite. Our heroine is a carry over from Zorro Rides Again, though we do get a recap of her origin, and it follows typical Western tropes: her family was killed by evil soldiers, and now she's out for revenge. Interestingly, Zorro himself sends the Lady on her mission of vengeance, knowing her past will help him achieve his goals while he travels to Spain: Zorro needs Lady Zorro to retrieve (steal) the sacred Eagle Axe! The story here is completely unoriginal and all the characters speak in melodramatic tones. With the exception of the coloring, the art left a bit to be desired. As a fan of Zorro in general, I was hooping for a little more out of this, so I won't be coming back for #2. (Joe)

2 out of 5




The Devilers #1 (Dynamite): Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov brings his unique spin on things to Dynamite Entertainment! This was probably my favorite book of the batch. I am still not 100% sure what exactly is going on, but apparently the forces of Hell have breached the realm's barriers and have made their way to our world (by destroying the Vatican). To stop this, a member of the Vatican assembles a crack team of various, global religious figures to help him force Satan's minions back to the Nether Realms, including Father Malcolm, an Irish priest with the gift of "sight", allowing him to see evil's true nature where others can't (he seems to be our main protagonist). Fialkov ties in historical facts about demonic possessions and witchcraft and brings them into the modern day to tie this all together. I am not sure how we got here or where we are going, but I am definitely along for this horror/adventure ride. (Joe)

4 out of 5




The Shadow #0 (Dynamite): I enjoyed both Howard Chaykin's The Shadow and the recent Garth Ennis take on the character. So, this was a comic I was pretty excited about and wanted to see how it would tie in to those other stories. Well, to my dismay, it's not much. This is somewhat of an origin addendum, where we see The Shadow's alter ego, Lamont Cranston, training with Harry Houdini to master the art of escape. As a premise, that seemed pretty fascinating, but it fell apart a little in execution: The idea is that using Houdini's training, The Shadow would be able to infiltrate and take down an evil group with nefarious desires. However, what Cranston learned in training did not seem to directly tie into the skills used on his mission, and the mission itself was not all that exciting (it did feel like a plot of the old radio show, though, I'll give it that). There's a nice moment at the end with Houdini's widow, but it felt a little forced. I can't help but think that writer Cullen Bunn could have done a better job if given more space to work with, like a mini-series rather than a zero issue. Fans of all-things The Shadow or Bunn should give this a read. (Joe)

3 out of 5


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the issues yourselves then come back here and let us know what you thought!


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