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For this week's batch of Number One Bullets, Joe Kach and Geoff D. got their hands all the new #0's, #1's, and one-shots in advance from Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, and Valiant Comics. A lot of good stuff this week, guys!



Baltimore: Witch of Harju #1 (Dark Horse): From the minds of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden comes the latest chapter in the story of Lord Baltimore, a vampire hunter.  Peter Bergting provides the art with a style that is clearly influenced by Mignola, and the dreary tone and color pallet fit very well with a story about a cursed town in Estonia near the early 1900s.  We view this tale through the eyes of Sofia Valk, a simple girl caught up in evil that has surrounded the town and taken her husband.  I enjoyed this comic thoroughly and it's an easy recommendation for fans of Hellboy or occult comics.  Its a three-issue mini series and I will definitely stick with it to see where the story goes. (Geoff)

4 out of 5



Deep Gravity #1 (Dark Horse): This book is right up my alley, Sci-Fi space exploration with a pretty apparent Avatar influence.  Mike Richardson and Gabriel Hardman bring us to the planet Poseidon as we follow main character Steve Paxon on a slightly misguided adventure.  He is portrayed as an man out of his element, volunteering for a mission to another planet for the worst reason possible ... chasing after a girl.  The art is serviceable, nothing amazing but it suits the style of this story ... its Sci-Fi for sure, but with a aesthetic that makes it more Aliens than Star Trek.  The end of the issue is highlighted by a cliffhanger that no doubt will set the plot of our story in motion.  I enjoyed this book, it was a good setup in an interesting world of near future science. I will pick up issue two for sure to see where it goes. (Geoff)

4 out of 5



Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1 (Image): Warrior cybernetic chicken travels to fantasy world to fight the Groceryomancer, one who raises killer produce.  Yes, you read that correctly and yes this book is as silly as it sounds.  The story in itself was fun and light-hearted, as you would expect.  Good for a few chuckles and some funny fantasy movie references.  Solid art with a witty sense of humor to be sure, but I just can't see anyone recommending this book for someone to spend money on to read.  Maybe if you are a dedicated reader of Chew, it might be worth it for some laughs, but beyond that I think its best if this comic is filled away as a well-intentioned miss. (Geoff)

2 out of 5


LOW #1 

Low #1 (Image): One of the more anticipated titles to come out of January's Image Expo, Low (from Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini) is another return to a Sci-Fi setting for the writer, but this time under the deep seas. Earth's sun is now so hot that the people must all live in cities under water. Cue scientific intrigue, sea monsters, pirate shenanigans, political satire, and a tight-knit family, and you've got the makings of one Hell of a first issue. Remender sets this world up perfectly, and brings us along for the ride. We're left with a cliffhanger that could really take the story in multiple directions, and I am quite curious to see where. It's the art by Tocchini that hurts the book here. Don't get me wrong, it's very pretty work, but it's hard to tell what's going on from time to time and who the characters are. Still, worth picking up for sure. (Joe)

4.5 out of 5



Armor Hunters: Harbingers #1 (Valiant): Those Armor Hunters, they keep on ... hunting? Yep, the story continues, and in this mini-series, the Harbinger Renegades get pulled into the picture. The Renegades ad Generation Zero are taking a road trip that sets them head first into the destruction of Mexico City in the main Armor Hunters title. The kids all chip in, allowing the reader to get an idea of who each of them is, along with exactly how powerful they are and why they function so well as a team. Writer Joshua Dysart handled his team well, as hes has since their inception, and the art by Robert Gill is solid and fits the story nicely. It does come off as a "tie-in book", and not necessarily one that is a essential to the over-all story. That being said, it is quite well done, and anyone reading Armor Hunters or Harbinger should definitely pick this up. (Joe) [Editor's Note: Want a preview of Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1? Here you go!]

4 out of 5



Red Sonja #0 (Dynamite): The new Red Sonja series under the helm of writer Gail Simone (with art here by Noah Salonga) is as good as you hoped it would be. The zero issue is a fun one-shot introduction to our red-haired protagonist, with plenty of action to go around.  Simone writes the characters with the strength and grit one would expect, but also incorporates a sense of humor and distinct edge to the title character's personality that fits her surroundings.  Longing for action, justice, drink, and sex, this Red Sonja is already a more interesting character than some of her latest incarnations.  The art is very solid with good details and backgrounds; I was especially drawn to the faces of the characters as they conveyed a sense of emotion ... whether it was glee, annoyance, or anger.  I have been looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. I will continue to pick it up for sure. (Geoff)

5 out of 5



The Shadow: Over Innsmouth #1 (Dynamite): This reminded me of an episode of Scooby-Doo. When you read it, you'll see why. The Shadow and his gal Margo Lane travel to Innsmouth (for some reason) and run into the town's mystery citizens. Basically, a bunch of Creatures from the Black Lagoon. And in true Shadow fashion, hi-jinks ensue. Ron Marz writes, Ivan Rodriguez draws, and both service this one-shot just fine. If you're a fan of what Dynamite's been doing with The Shadow, then you should pick this up. It's also pretty new reader-friendly.

3 out of 5


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the issues yourselves then come back here and let us know what you thought! 


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