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Each week, Geoff D. and Joe Kach read all the new #0s, #1s, and one-shots from Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, and Valiant Comics to help you decide what new series to pick up! There's gold in the world of Dark Ages, Judge Dredd, and The Transformers this week...



Dark Ages #1 (Dark Horse): This seems like perfect timing that Dan Abnett has a new Sci-Fi title out right when Guardians of the Galaxy is making headlines (he co-wrote the last volume).  Dark Ages sees Abnett paired up with I.N,J Culbard on art to bring us the tale of a group of mercenaries in the Middle Ages and how they deal with a threat more extraterrestrial than they are used to.  The pace of this first issue is fast and we are not given much world building, but it was a fun read and I am looking forward to see what comes next.  Alien invasion stories are all too common now, but setting said invasion in the Dark Ages has my interest for sure.  I am enjoying the art. With most of the issue taking place in the woods at night, there was not much variation in the first issue, but the lines are clean it easy to follow the action. (Geoff)

4 out of 5



Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 (IDW): Twenty years after a massive kaiju battle that destroyed the entirety of civilization as we know, humanity still struggles to get back on its feet. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dave Wachter take us on a journey to explore this new world of terror ... and it's like everything you've seen before. As a Godzilla fan in general, I was a bit disappointed at the lack of imagination in this new world. Imagine what could have been done: buildings erected from the husks of fallen monsters; no methods of transportation utilizing creatures biology; new forms of agriculture needed to survive in this world. Unfortunately, none of that was there and instead we get the generic ruins of buildings and cars surrounded by camps. A group of survivors, led by Arata, venture out of their camp for a supply run. There, they run into what appears to be the rebirth of the monsters that led them to destitution (no idea why) and the story ends exactly how you would expect it to with a predictable cliffhanger. The issue wasn't bad, and the art was fitting, but there was nothing special about it and I felt it was a missed opportunity. I think this will mainly appeal to fans of the other IDW Godzilla series. (Joe)




Judge Dredd: Anderson Psi-Division #1 (IDW): Writer Matt Smith and artist Carl Critchlow bring us a story of Judge Anderson, "Psi-Cop" and former partner of Judge Dredd.  Now, My only real experience with Dredd is from the most recent movie with Karl Urban.  I loved that movie, and I really enjoyed this comic.  The character of Anderson is right at home in her own case that takes her out of Megacity-1 and to the swamps of the Cursed Earth.  The writing moved along well, and I for one was excited to see another Megacity as well as what else is left out there beyond the borders of the Cursed Earth.  The art matched the tone of the other Dredd titles with a gritty style and great backdrops of the city.  As a newcomer to the Judge Dredd comics, I loved this issue and will keep reading for sure. (Geoff)

4 out of 5



Transformers: Primacy #1 (IDW): The Age of Optimus Prime is upon us! Primacy is the third (and final) volume in this flashback series set in the early days of the Cybertronian Civil War, following Transformers: Autocracy and Transformers: Monstrosity. The creative team of writers Flint Dille (story editor on the classic G1 Transformers cartoon) and Chris Metzen, with art by Livio Ramondelli remained intact across all three volumes and it shows. I have been reading the Transformer comics IDW has been putting out, but am pretty far behind, and have not yet had a chance to read either of the preceding storylines. So, without a recap page, I was worried I would be lost. But. I was not. The story was well-paced and focused, and featured some of my favorite characters including Hot Rod, Metroplex, and Grimlock. The story was an enjoyable and somewhat political tale that sets the groundwork of where we are today, and outlines the motivations for many of the 'Bots. It alsmot felt like an episode of something you would see on HBO. That being said, the story, while well-written, was very light on action (which shouldn't be the case for a Transformers story) and the art, while gritty and detailed, was at times hard to follow and the storytelling could use some work. Still, a very enjoyable issue and not only am I going to pick up the rest, but I'm going to read the previous two volumes sooner than later. Check this comic out! (Joe)




Dead at 17: The Blasphemy Throne #1 (Image): I read the first few issues of Dead at 17 and slowly dropped off the title, but this is a great jumping on point to get back on if you are looking to see what's next in store for lead character Nara.  Creator Josh Howard begins this mini series with a pretty detailed recap of where we are at in the story of Nara, who is now attempting to cheat death for the third time.  It caught me up to speed in a few pages, threw in a few flashbacks to flesh out the characters and I was ready for what came next.  The art is once again sharp, with a cartoony look that pops off the page and is great to look at.  If you missed out on Dead at 17 when it first started, or are like me and looking for a way to get back into it, this book is for you. (Geoff)

4 out of 5


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the comics yourself and let us know what you think. 


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