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Welcome to The Voices of Valiant, where we'll be chatting regularly with your favorite Valiant Comics creators and sharing our conversations with you!

In Part 1, Joe Kach caught up with Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps writer Christos Gage at the NC Comicon and asked him a few questions about what's coming up in the hyper-violent world of our favorite black ops agent. Read on for Bloodshot's roadmap and find out who Christos is excited to be working with!




MightyVille: So, Christos, were you a fan of any of the Valiant titles back in the 90s? If so, which stood out to you back then?

Christos Gage: I did read them and I enjoyed them. I probably was the biggest fan of Archer & Armstrong out of the original series. Also, the H.A.R.D. Corps series. And then I was going off to college and I got very poor very suddenly, and I had to cut off drastically on my comic buying. Yeah, but I really did enjoy the original Archer. Basically, anything that Barry Windsor-Smith had a hand in, I loved.

And what drew you to Bloodshot now?

They told me they’d get Barry Windsor-Smith ... I’m kidding [laughs]. No, what drew me is ... well, basically I said to them that I wanted to do H.A.R.D Corps and they came up with the idea of combining Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corps. Which I thought was cool, because essentially Bloodshot has spent the entire first dozen issues of his book trying to get away from Rising Spirit and now he’s working for them again. And that kind of makes you wonder, "Why would he do that? What’s it gonna be like?" There’s a lot of really excellent character tension built into it, so I really got a kick out of that. And I know where we’re going – I can’t say, I can’t reveal it – but its going to some very cool places.




Is there anything coming up that you’re really excited for, or looking forward to putting the words to paper about?

Well, one thing that I’m really excited about is Bart Sears is drawing issues #18 & #19. And, of course, he was involved in the first wave of Valiant. He drew Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and X-O Manowar. So, I’m really excited about that. Not to sell short our first arc artist, Emmanuel Lupicino. But there is something cool about working with an artist whose work you grew up reading. So, that’s been a big thrill. 




During our first Valiant Roundtable Review, we had a few girls reading some of the books, and I know you weren't writing Bloodshot then, but they had comments regarding the hyper-violence. Do you think that’s something that’s a selling point towards the character? Is that something that’s played up in your run, or something you are moving away from?

I think hyper-violence is part-and-parcel for a character with a healing factor like Bloodshot. But, there will continue to be violence. I wouldn't say that it's ... I mean, I hope it doesn't put people off. But if you want pacifist comics, you probably aren't going to dig Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps. We also have the H.A.R.D. Corps characters, who are very regular humans, and violence will hit them a lot harder, but there will be casualties. So, I think that ... and I don’t want to stereotype and suggest that female readers prefer more character-oriented, less action-oriented stuff, because I know women that are into action-oriented stuff and guys that are into more character-oriented stuff. But, there is a lot of character-oriented stuff involved in the H.A.R.D. Corps team dynamics, and what I think is cool about it is that anyone of the could die at any time, so we are exploring that fact - what that does to somebody, what kind of personalities would volunteer for this process anyway. So, hopefully, what people like about Bloodshot is something they’ll continue to get, but with these other elements as well.

Thanks for your time, Christos! It was a pleasure.




Pick up Bloodshot Volume 5: Get Some on August 20, 2014 (written by Christos) and follow the adventures of Bloodshot now in Armor Hunters: Bloodshot!


What have you enjoyed most in the Bloodshot saga so far?


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