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Welcome to The Voices of Valiant, where we'll be chatting regularly with your favorite Valiant Comics creators and sharing our conversations with you!

In Part 2, Joe Kach sat down with X-O Manowar artist Cary Nord at the NC Comicon and asked him a few questions about his artistic process and what he's most excited to draw in the adventures of the armored Visigoth. Also, get a special preview of Cary's next Valiant project!


Page from X-O MANOWAR #14


MightyVille: You were working back in comics back when Valiant was first around. If I recall correctly, you were working on Daredevil around that time. Were you a fan of Valiant Comics back then? If so, which titles stood out to you the most?

Cary Nord: Honestly, I hadn't read a Valiant book till my own. So, um, yeah…

Did you do any back-reading or anything?

I did, I did. I picked up a few issues of X-O [Manowar], just to check it out. But they were all sort’ve like whatever singles were in the bins at the time. So I’d get like issue 50 and whatever was there. Wasn’t really a good sense as to what was actually going on. No, I never had the money to really go out … you had a few things you could collect and I got stuck with those.’

What is it about X-O Manowar that draws you towards the character?

I think I identify with real visceral characters and X-O’s got that kind of energy, you know, sort of primal, more gut-reaction stuff than necessarily high-thinking technique. You know what he’s capable of. That’s what I think draws me to him. He reaches deep down, does what he has to do, and it comes from his gut.


Page from X-O MANOWAR #1


One of the greatest things about X-O Manowar is the combination of Fantasy and Science Fiction, with the closest comparison being “Conan in Iron Man’s armor”, so to speak. What element do you enjoy drawing more, Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

Probably-- that’s a good question. I mean, I do enjoy doing technical stuff … although you know, fantasy’s definitely a little easier to draw on a monthly basis. I kinda like the mix, actually, to be honest. In X-O,   I’ve been doing what feels like a nice solid mix of both, so I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing anything.

It’s a gorgeous book. It’s probably the best looking book that Valiant puts out.

Aw, thank you.


Page from X-O MANOWAR #19


What else do you have coming up? I know you’re working on the Unity tie-ins in X-O. Anything in there you want to tease or anything you’re excited about coming up in the near future on the book?

Well, for me, I’m excited: I did X-O #19 in full, hand-painted, well, not painted, I used markers. Full colors though, and that’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for years now. It was a massive undertaking.  I underestimated the amount of work it would be. So that’s what I’m looking forward to. I saw the Unity preview issue; the first four pages of X-O #19 are in there. It’s pretty decent, so I’m excited to see how people react.

I’m sure people are looking forward to seeing that.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m looking forward to next. You know, we’re just plugging away after that, kinda business as usual. And, nothing too specific yet, but there may be some other Valiant stuff coming up for me down the road...

Great, I can’t wait to see what that is. [Editor's Note: There's no need to wait! Check out the gorgeous preview of Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel by Peter Milligan and Cary Nord right below this interview!]

Thanks for your time today, Cary.

No problem.


Variant Cover by CARY NORD
$3.99 | T+ | 32 pgs. | COMING IN NOVEMBER! 


Pick up X-O Manowar Volume 5: At War with Unity (drawn by Cary) now and be on the lookout for Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel this November!


What's your favorite comic that Cary's worked on? Let us know!


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