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Number 1 Bullets: 10-15-14


Sam Moyerman joins Joe Kach and Geoff D. to review the new first issues from Dynamite, Image, IDW, and Valiant Comics to help you decide what new series to pick up. Valiant pulls ahead this week with Unity #0 and the return of The World's Worst Superhero Team!

This week's comics are Skylanders #1, Witchblade: Case Files #1, Twilight Zone: Lost Tales #1, Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #1, and Unity #0. 



Skylanders #1 (IDW)-

3 out of 5

As a direct tie-in to the popular video game franchise, Skylanders is a great book for young kids regardless of whether or not they play the game.  The story is light and easy to follow with bright art that really pops off the page.  I have not played the game, but the comic feels very similar to Pokemon.  The Skylanders themselves are very animated and pretty funny. Creators Ron Marz and David Rodriguez did a good job making the book something children would find engaging, but not much there for older audiences.  (Geoff)


Witrchblade: Case Files #1

 Witchblade: Case Files #1 (Image/Top Cow)- 

2 out of 5

This one shot from Top Cow is a recap of the Witchblade series.  Its a quick read set up as a dossier and serves to bring new reader up to speed with the characters and forces at play in the Witchblade universe.  Its put together well and is an entertaining read on its own, and speaking as someone who never read Witchblade, I felt the recap was inclusive and covered what I need to know to get ready for the relaunch.  There is a short 10-page comic included with art and script by two of Top Cow's 2013 Talent Contest runner ups.  It is a short story about a young Jackie Estacado and how he deals with his first murder, its a good read and definitely the best part of this issue.  However, a 10-page short is not much incentive for the cover price when you realize that the recap information of this issue can be found online for free via a quick Google search. (Geoff)


Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #1

Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody #1 (Valiant)-

3 out of 5

I really enjoyed the original Quantum and Woody series in the 90's. It wasn't perfect, but it had a lot of heart and its personal charm. I've also been getting a kick out of the current Q&W title, even more-so than the original. When Valiant first announced Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody, I was very excited to go back to that world. Unfortunately, a mix of high expectations and less-than-stellar execution led to some mild disappointment. With this first issue, I felt like I walked into the middle of a film sequel. Some of this was due to the mystery set up by writer Priest and artist M.D. Bright, but much of it was also due to a confusing script and art that was hard to follow at times. We're introduced to a previously unseen even from the team's childhood, that may or may not pay off later. We're also witness to an interesting twist in the Quantum and Woody dynamic in the present day (which is takes place 25 years after the previous series). I'm still on board for the next issue, but I'm hoping things pick up a little in both story and artwork. Bright's pencils are a bit simplistic and the colors by Allen Passalaqua could use some depth. So, if you're a fan of the classic "World's Worst Superhero Team," then pick this up for sure. Outside of that, I'd have a hard time fully recommending this issue to new readers. (Joe)


Twilight Zone: Lost Tales #1

The Twilight Zone: Lost Tales #1 (Dynamite)-

2 out of 5

Taking a trip beyond sight and sound used to be so much fun.  The three stories contained within the Twilight Zone: Lost Tales, all written by Mark Rahner, have some elements of the classic tales but all manage to fall short in one way or another of reaching the heights they could.  The first story, "Hangnail on the Monkey's Paw" plays off of the classic W.W. Jacobs short story, but it doesn't feel at all like a real Twilight Zone story at all, despite some supernatural elements.  There's no real connection thread throughout the story and it just kind of ends.  The second tale "Cold Calculations" has the perfect twist ending Twilight Zone fans will love, but never even teases that direction and has too many twists and turns inside the actual tale that are unnecessary and seem to go nowhere.  The final tale falls into the same trappings, too many things going on that never really have a proper impact, before hitting you with the final twist.  Part of the problem is that the artwork is very simplistic and never really matches the imagination of the writer or captures that of the reader.  The coloring does its best to combat this for each story (the gray tones for "Cold Calculations" especially), but it can't overcome the stories and artwork.  The book isn't awful, but you find yourself turning pages just because there happens to be another one after it and not because you really care all that much about what's happening next. (Sam)


Unity #0

Unity #0 (Valiant)-

4 out of 5

Flashback to 100 years in the past to the dark days of WWI. Meet Unit Y, the covert team created via a joint venture between the U.S. and British governments, led by Gilad Anni-Padda, the man known as the Eternal Warrior (what Valiant team is he not a part of?). Watch as Unit Y battles doomsday devices and undead hordes to save the free world. But at what cost? Find out why the world has always needed Unity, whether they knew it or not. Great zero issue that doesn't really tie into anything by the ace creative team of Matt Kindt and Cary Nord, trying out a new style with this issue [Editor's Note: Check out our interview with Cary here!]. While not technically a first issue or a jumping on point, this is a solid- and somewhat heartbreaking- story set in the early days of the Valiant Universe and is well worth the read to Valiant fans and Valiant-fans-in-the-making alike! (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it ... Pick up the comics yourself and let us know what you think!!


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