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Number 1 Bullets: 12-24-14


Each week, we take an early look at the new first issues from Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, and Valiant Comics and share our thoughts to let you know what we think you should pick up. You're going to want to spend Christmas with Doc Savage this year!

This week, Geoff Deen, Sam Moyerman, and Joe Kach review Garbage Pail Kids: Comic Book Puketacular #1, Graveyard Shift #1, Doc Savage Special 2014 #1, The Avenger Special 2014 #1, and The Shadow: Agents of The Shadow #1. (We were not able to get a review copy of They're Not Like Us #1.)



Garbage Pail Kids: Comic Book Puketacular #1 (IDW)-

3 out of 5

As a child of the '80s, I have a real sense of nostalgia when it comes to Garbage Pail Kids. Sure, in retrospect, they are idiotic and beyond sophomoric. But even still, I can't help but smile when I see them. It's clear, based on the talent IDW got for this book, that I wasn't alone. Are the stories any good? Well, that depends if you like sophomoric stories or have a real sense of nostalgia towards the GPK. Personally, if you start a book off with a Peter Bagge story, then follow it up with a $#!ting contest story, well, you've got me hooked. It's for the best that this is just a one-shot and not an ongoing: Just like in the 1980s, too much Garbage Pail Kids is not a good thing. But this is just what the doctor ordered. (Sam)


Graveyard Shift #1

Graveyard Shift #1 (Image)-

2 out of 5

Graveyard Shift is a new ongoing from Image Comics, written by Jay Faerber with art by Fran Bueno. Our story revolves around a group of police officers who have an odd experience with a suspect, only to blast him out the window with no sign of the body. When the next evening comes to an end, three of the officers have been brutally murdered and our protagonist is faced with vampires attacking him and his wife. With his friends and his girl dead, Liam heads to her grave to say goodbye, only to be met with her standing in front of him ... with a vampire gang at her back. The dialogue and characters were well-written and believable, but the vampire plot just offers nothing interesting. With amazing stories like American Vampire being told, the cliched 'wife becomes a vampire, cop out for revenge' setup is just a very boring start to a story. The art is clean but the vampire designs are dull; they look as if they were lifted directly off a screen cap of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think this book deserves at least one more issue to try and bring something new to the table, but if issue two does not mix it up I don't see this title gaining much traction. (Geoff)



Doc Savage Special 2014: The Woman of Bronze #1 (Dynamite)-

4 out of 5

David Walker and Kewber Baal bring us a one-shot story from the Doc Savage line, however the adventure of note in this tale is Doc's cousin, Pat. Blond, sexy, and just as tough, she does not take it lightly when a child in her charge is kidnapped by gangsters. I thought this was a really fun story to read, definitely gave me that Indiana Jones sense of adventure. Walker keeps the pace moving right along, we don't need too much back story to follow the action, and the action is great ... highlighted by Baal's art. I have never read a Doc Savage book and never once felt like I was missing something while reading this title, and that is great for a one-shot. Very easy to come in as a new reader and pick up the story and run with it. (Geoff)


The Avenger Special

The Avenger Special 2014: The Television Killers #1 (Dynamite)-

3 out of 5

There are basically two stories at play here - one where people turn into zombies and another where Justice, Incorporated are hired by Billie Holiday to protect her from a gang trying to keep her from singing on television. For too long in the book, these stories stay separate with nary a logical thread to tie them together or even give a reason why they are part of the story. That said, once we get down to the actual story (basically Chapter 3) which starts with a decent brawl in the Justice, Inc offices, it turns into a pretty decent tale. There is plenty of action and the dialogue cleans itself up. If only it didn't take two chapters to get there. The only other somewhat minor complaint is the clear use of the time period to include Billie Holiday and shoehorn in a statement about civil rights and equality. Not that it isn't a good message, it just seems out of place in a book with an Albino hero and zombies. (Sam)


The Shadow Special

The Shadow Special 2014: Agents of The Shadow #1 (Dynamite)-

2.5 out of 5

I'm assuming the point of this tale was to highlight the abilities and bravery of Lamont Cranston's (AKA The Shadow) team of behind-the-scenes assistants (for lack of a better term). But that didn't really come across. The Shadow is somehow taken out in a very confusing manner, leaving his "team" to hold down the fort, which they do. But when push comes to shove, The Shadow shows back up and bails them out, thereby negating what was trying to be established. My biggest complaint is the story structure: I felt like this was a two-issue mini-series that had to be scaled down to one. The dialogue was fitting, keeping in with the times and maintaining the pulp feel. The art served the story well, giving it a "noirish", animated look. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to leave me with a feeling of satisfaction when complete. I really liked the cover, though. (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it ... Pick up the comics yourself and let us know what you think!!


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