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MightyVille's Favorite Flash Action Figures


I declare 2015 "The Year of The Flash"!

Not only is it the Scarlet Speedster's 75th Birthday, but we're also entering the tail end of the first season of the CW's hit show ... The Flash! And if that wasn't enough, the Fastest Man Alive is racing into movie theaters in 2018, so get your stop watches ready.

In light of all that, MightyVille is proud to present to you ... our Favorite Flash Action Figures of all time!

Since The Flash is all about family, we've also included other characters from The Flash pantheon.

In somewhat of a particular order...


Alfred E. Newman as The Flash

The Flash goes MAD! DC Collectibles brings you Alfred E. Newman as The Flash! What, him worry? 


Hybrid Metal Figuration Flash

This hyper-stylized, hyper-articulated cute little guy comes from the Hybrid Metal Figuration line of figures from Herocross. Look at those cheeks!


Young Justice Kid Flash Stealth Suit

Young Justice was one of the best animated shows of all time, and a lot of that had to do with the inclusion of Wally West as Kid Flash. Here we see Wally in his Stealth Suit (by Mattel) for all those covert, dangerous missions the adults sent the kids on.


Wally West 90's Flash

Speaking of Wally West ... Wally began his career as Kid Flash, but following Barry Allen's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally took over the mantle for many years. During the early '90s, Wally abandoned the classic Flash outfit for this shiny new look, brought to you here by Mattel. Many consider this the definitive Wally West Flash costume. [Editor's Note: There's a good chance this figure is going to end of on the MightyVille shelves some day!]


Jay Garrick Flash

The Flash legacy began in 1940 with Jay Garrick. Jay was the first to wear the lightning bolt and ride the Speed Force. Here we see Jay in his classic look via master painter Alex Ross from the Justice Society of America line of figures from DC Collectibles. Barry Allen is the current Flash, but it all began with Jay.


Total Justice Flash

The 1990s were an extreme time for everyone, and Batman's Total Justice line from Kenner was no different. This set featured action figures that were ready to fight and you could cut the tension across their faces with a knife! At the time, these really stood out due to the level of detail and the action poses they came in. Each figure also came with handy, snap-on armor. Because that's what you need when you're running at the speed of light: extra weight. 


New 52 Kid Flash

Back to that "family" thing ... Just like The Flash, there has been more than one head under the Kid Flash mask. When DC Comics relaunched itself with the New 52, the opted to use Bart Allen, Barry's grandson from the future, as Kid Flash rather than Wally West. In previous continuity, Bart had been both Impulse and Kid Flash to Wally's Flash. Personally, I would have preffered Wally to be in this uniform, but hey. The slickness here can't be denied ... that is one cool lookin' Kid Flash outfit from DC Collectibles


Michael Turner's Flash

Before losing his long battle with cancer, renowned artist Michael Turner had a solid "run" as cover artist on The Flash. DC Collectibles brought his version of the character to life, commemorated in the Identity Crisis line. The overly-muscled shoulders and thighs struck a chord with many fans, showing that these would be the most defined muscles on a runner's body. Rest in peace, Michael. 


New Frontier Flash

Darwyn Cooke captured The Flash's youthful innocence in a world pulled right out of Mad Men perfectly in the wonderful New Frontier comic book series. DC Collectibles was able to capture the same thing in their New Frontier action figure line. This is just a great looking, classic figure.  You can't help but mirror Barry's smile. 


 Professor Zoom, The Reverse Flash

Bring on the bad guys! This is Professor Zoom, also known as The Reverse Flash. Sent to our era from the far flung future, Eobard Thawne's obsession with all things Flash led him down a path of crime and murder, at one point killing Barry Allen's love, Iris West. He's also at the forefront of the current Flash television series. There have been a few Reverse Flash action figures to hit the shelves, but none capture the true villainy as this piece from DC Collectibles' JLA Classified line, designed by artist Ed McGuinness. Grrr...


Black Lantern Flash

It's The Flashing Dead! Err, that doesn't sound right. Anyway, during the Blackest Night crossover running through DC Comics, many heroes who had been killed and returned to life were transformed into murdering zombies by the Black Lantern rings. Sadly, Barry Allen was part of that crowd. DC Collectibles brings us Black Lantern Flash in all his gory goodness. Who doesn't love a fast zombie?


Justice League Unlimited Flash

The Justice League Unlimited animated series is a landmark in DC's closet of cartoons. Using the Bruce Timm animation style made so popular by Batman: The Animated Series, JLU brought just about every single DC Comics character to life. Here's The Flash from Mattel's Justice League Unlimited line. Up until recently, this was the definitve version of The Flash for many people. So elegant in his simplicity. Just don't tell him that.



New 52 Flash

You'd think a Flash figure designed by Jim Lee would be further down on our list. Well, while this DC Collectibles take on the New 52 version of The Flash is pretty awesome, we can't quite figure out why he has such a lost look on his face. Not quite the bad-ass we were hoping for, but still sits happily on the MightyVille toy shelves.


TV Flash

Racing off the television and into your hands, DC Collectibles shrinks actor Grant Gustin down to six-inch form! Based on the hit TV series, this Flash figure is just about perfect. Extremely poseable and detailed down to the ribbed costume, we guarantee this version of The Flash will be racing to our shelves soon enough.


Super Powers Collection Flash

This is the ultimate classic Flash action figure. In the mid-1980s, Kenner launched a very popular action figure line to tie into the long-"running" Super Friends and Super Powers cartoon shows. I owned this figure as a wee lad, maybe even more than one. I wish I still had it. As with all figures from this line, you squeeze their legs, they pump their arms. It's a win-win. 


Flashpoint Flash

Brave. Bold. Classic. If you're hunting for the best Barry Allen figure out there in his definitive uniform, look no further than this Flash figure from DC Collectibles' Flashpoint line, designed by Flashpoint artist Andy Kubert. Not sure what more I can say about this one. I love it. And so should you.


Play Arts Kai Flash Variant

And now we've come to our Number 1 Flash action figure, which has been the cause of much debate in the MightyVille offices. While this figure may vary quite a bit from the classic Flash look, it's articulation, attention to detail, and accessories are unparalleled. Coming from the Play Arts Kai line of deluxe action figures, this 11" Flash "variant" sits proudly on the MightyVille toy shelves, and occasionally comes down to watch The Flash on CW right along with us. As far as "deluxe" Flash action figures go, it doesn't get any better than this!


Now that we've reached the end of our list, I wanted to leave you with a little bonus: DC Collectibles has put together a video their favorite Flash action figures, just in time for his 75th birthday. Enjoy! 



Whaddayousay, Flash Fans? Do you agree with our list? Anything we're missing? Share your favorite Flash figure below!


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