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Welcome to our first Number One Bullets Special! The fine folks at Hound Comics reached out to us to take a look at some of their first issues. So we did ... and we liked what we saw! Read on to get the Number One Bullets team's views on a selection of Hound titles, and then head over to the Hound Comics website for comics, cartoons, accessories, backpacks, hot sauce, and more! That's not a typo: These guys even have HOT SAUCE!



The Infected #1

Jacob and his sister Chloe fight to survive in a city paralyzed by a disease that turns super humans into flesh eating monsters. Follow along as they meet the heroes trying to save the city and attempt to find out who is responsible for unleashing this horrid disease. 

An original series from Hound Comics, The Infected #1, with story and art by Chris Hartmann and Dave Mims, is, at its core, a tale about a young man in a city gone to Hell. Tower City is not a place you want to be, especially in the aftermath of a government developed virus aimed to destroy the super human population ... only something went wrong and instead of killing them, the virus mutated them into the undead. Jacob, our protagonist, finds himself lost and alone and only the timely arrival of Freedom, a very Punisher-like hero, helps him survive the night. Through the twists and turns of the undead nightmare he is living, we discover Jacob is not quite the 'normal' man we were lead to believe. This comic has its highs and lows, so let's get the lows out of the way first: The first few pages felt like a blatant re-telling of the first issue of The Walking Dead, which immediately took me out of the story ... at first. The other low is the art: it is very stylized and while I do like the overall design, it is very sketchy and that made the action hard to follow. Now for the highs: After the first few pages, the story really clipped along at a great rate and at the end of the issue I wanted to know what happens next, which is really the highest praise you can give to serialized story telling. This was a fun read, and the first issue did a good job of quickly setting a tone and sense of place. Definitely work checking this one out. While not the most original of story ideas, the fact that it was told well makes all the difference. (Geoff)



Krossfire #1

Welcome to a hammer punch of action to the face ... welcome to the world of Krossfire. In the year 2021, when robots and mutated monsters roam the streets, there is blood, violence and terror around every corner. These are the missions of Krossfire, blow-by-blow, as he fights for the right of all humans to live free ... or die.  

Destruction, blood, and mayhem all bundled into one comic book package. Krossfire #1 is nothing you haven't seen before, but it does what it sets out to do. Writer Keith Braun and artist Florentino Santibanez take us into a post-apocalyptic world of Krossfire and the Kill-House. I'm not 100% certain how we got to this point, but Krossfire (a soldier of sorts who's a cross between Judge Dredd, Mad Max, and Cable) sets off after some Reapers (killer cyborgs) inside the Kill-House. It's 22 pages of non-stop carnage as Krossifre kills his way through as many Reapers as possible till he meets his goal. There's a nice little twist at the end that you may see coming, but probably won't! Krossfire #1 is an entertaining read, albeit not the most original of concepts. My main gripes are with the coloring and structuring: it was really hard to tell what was going on from panel-to-panel, page-to-page. The dark color palette did not work well with the very thin panel borders. At times, I thought I was looking at splash pages that ended up being paneled. There were a lot of double-page spreads that were broken up due to the PDF format, adding to the difficult flow. My suggestion would be that, in digital offerings, have those pages be combined. Like I said, I enjoyed the issue, but did have some trouble getting through to the end due to confusion. If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic tales that are heavy on bloodshed, give this book a look. (Joe)



Remnants #1

In 2015 AD, the UN approved of a worldwide activation of a machine that would generate unlimited, clean energy that would be distributed to everyone via airwaves. A few people opposed this and some even moved underground. They only became right when there was a miscalculation: Once the machine was turned on, everybody's brain got "fried" and almost all human and animal life died. Those underground who were smart enough to install the proper "shielding" in their habitats survived. They had to stay underground and outlast the Energy Generator. They finally got out after 52 years when the machine finally stopped functioning due to lack of maintenance. A new form of government was formed around "Lawbringers", "Relic Tecs", "Gatherers", "Traders" and "Hunters". 

With story and art by Mark Vuycankiat, Remnants #1 is a post-apocalyptic story set 215 years after an attempt at clean energy killed off the majority of the Earth's population. Now, those who survived have crawled back above ground to seek out what form of existence they can. If The Infected is a sign of what Hound Comics is doing right, then Remnants is an example of what could use some work. The book contains quite a bit of poor grammar, fragment sentences, typos, and needless exposition. It would have benefited from editorial pass on it. Simply put: it does not flow. I counted at least two distinct sections of action in which the author narrates the characters' actions instead of letting his art speak for itself, implying that the art cannot convey these actions, or that the reader is not smart enough to pick up on the cues from said art. Whatever the case, the writing could use some more work. Which is unfortunate because the art itself is really interesting. I love the designs of the characters and the world, and the creator does a fantastic job with faces. That said, good ideas and interesting art cannot make up for something that feels distinctly amateur in over-all presentation, so you may want to look at some other Hound Comics offerings before picking this one up. (Geoff)



The Revival #1

Enter a world that hearkens back to a time when toy shelves ruled our lives, cereal tasted better with a prize inside, and Saturday mornings were king. The faces might look familiar, but the story isn’t: in a post-Apocalyptic wasteland, a small group of war survivors struggles to stay alive under the iron fist of a tyrannical madman. Obsessed with an ancient artifact he believes will awaken a long-dormant evil, the small, blue pygmy known as Ego tightens his grip on a dying world. His industrial empire, The Engine, slowly chokes what life if left from the dusty landscape, causing all to live in fear and hide in the shadows.
But the survivors won’t give up so easily. Led by a stalwart woman known only as “Red”, a survivor from the fall of the Kingdom of man, she leads a rag-tag group of soldiers of circumstance. A bear who just doesn’t care anymore, a short, stout potato man, a deer-like satyr, and a free-spirited girl obsessed with bright colors and explosions, will seek out the aid of a once-powerful magician and rise out of the ashes of their world to become The Revival. It’s going to be one berry rough day. 

I'm a bit of a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories. Stories about the here and now are nice, but there's a freedom with stories set after the end of the world that you don't get anywhere else. It's total and complete world-building. You can get away with almost anything. The Revival tries its best to be one of these stories that takes advantage of the genre and run with it, and for the most part succeeds. There are a few small squabbles with some decisions, but this is a pretty enjoyable foundation for a book. In it, we meet our rag tag group of survivors who are trying to stay alive long enough to overthrow whatever rulers are left. The group is varied in their depiction (and kudos for having two female characters): from our red-haired leader to the giant blue teddy bear who wants to shoot everyone and everything. At best, with them, you get a character like Rainbow whose irreverence (and self awareness) make her charming; at worst you get a character who speaks in weird contractions. But the pace of the book moves along nicely, there are good character beats and solid action, and enough to make you come back for more. The artwork is pretty solid and really evokes the desolate landscape and world. If they can clean up some of the speech problems (the aforementioned contractions) and maybe look to another font and color scheme for dialogue, this book can really go places. (Sam



Ultravixen #1

Follow the adventures of Ultravixen as she battles Doctor Faustus and the forces of Scorpio deep beneath Meteor City! Thrill to her confrontation with a twisted enemy from her past! Rocket into space as she confronts a menace from the stars! If you are a fan of lighthearted super heroic action and comedy, look no further! 

The Silver Age comes to the Modern Age with quite a bit of tongue-in ... cheesecake thrown in. Ultravixen #1, by Marcelo Bravo and Jed Dougherty is a fun little book featuring quite a buxom heroine. The book looks great. The art, lettering, and colors work very well for the tone of the story, and are right up there with what you'd get from the major publishers. Said story is quite goofy, but I don't mean that in a bad way. You know that feeling you got from those old Curt Swan Superman comics where Kal winks at you at the end? That's pretty much the feel of this whole issue. If you're looking for the fun silliness of the 60s with a modern age package, this titular comic is for you! (Joe)


Well, now that you've gotten our views, why don't you head over to Hound Comics' site and pick up a few of these titles for yourself?! Then head on back here and share your thoughts...


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