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HOWARD THE DUCK by Joe Quinones


Thanks to his appearance in a recent Marvel Studios film, Howard The Duck has hit an all-new (all-different) level of popularity. Following the successful launch of a brand new ongoing series, Joe Kach caught up with artist Joe Quinones to see if life with Howard's all it's "quacked" up to be. 


MightyVille: Congrats on the launch of the new Howard the Duck series with Chip Zdarsky. What’s coming up in the book that’s got you excited?

Joe Quinones: What’s coming up in the book? Huh, Okay ... well, I got to draw a lot of Aunt May just recently. That was really fun. Generally Spider-Man stuff ... without spoiling anything. I’m about to get started on issue four, and I’m really excited to draw Dr. Strange. That’s not really spoiling anything ... he’s on the cover. But I’m a big Dr. Strange fan, so I’m into it, I’m into it. I’m ready to do that. Yeah, I dunno, I just had a lot of fun with it. 




What’s it like working with Chip, who’s an artist himself?

I suppose in theory it would make it helpful because he could empathize with me when there’s a really crazy panel. But that doesn’t really make him hold his punches. In issue two, there’s this big convention scene and I had that written out. And he just apologized for it, but I still had to draw it! Thanks buddy. Thanks a lot!

If there was to be a Howard The Duck/Sex Criminals crossover ... and we called it, I don't know, "Sexy Motherduckers", how would you approach that?

[Laughs.] Uh ... tactfully? With respect? I dunno! It’s a third rail, I think...




What draws you to Howard the Duck, no pun intended?

Pun intended, come on. 

A little bit of pun intended.

Yeah right. Let’s be real...

It was my editor, who I’d worked with before, and Chip that really drew me the most to Howard. And then, once I started to kinda do some research on him, and started getting scripts to read and all that, then I actually started really liking the character. You know, he’s like this loveable curmudgeon. Like ... he is me. I am Howard!

“I am Howard.” There’s a quote right there.





Are there any previous renditions of Howard that influenced your take on the character at all?

I read the classic Steve Gerber stuff. I didn’t exhaustively go through everything Howard. Before that, like a lot of people, my only experience with him was the movie from the mid ‘80s. Which I don’t hate as much as everyone hates it.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s that bad. 

So, yeah, I got like a couple of omnibuses of the early Gerber stuff. They’re great. 




You’ve drawn characters from all over: Marvel, DC, Batman ’66, Star Wars and more. Who are some of your favorite characters to draw and why?

Those. All of those! 

All of them! Okay, done! Signed. [Laughs.]

I mean, really! I love all things Star Wars. It was really fun to work on that. I was really psyched I got to do a variant for issue one a couple of months ago. That was actually my first time professionally doing like Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill. So, that was awesome. I’d love to do more ... Hey Marvel, I’d love to still do more! I love Batman. Batman’s like one of the main reasons I draw comics. I grew up on reading Batman and watching The Animated Series

And you worked with Paul Dini on Black Canary/Zatanna...

Yeah, dream come true to work with Paul Dini. Yeah, I dunno … livin’ the dream!




Thanks for your time today, Joe. 

Yeah, sure! 

Be sure to check out Howard The Duck #4, on sale this week! 

[Interview conducted at the 2015 Big WOW! ComicFest.]


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