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Our friends Sean Fahey and Black Jack Press are back with an all-new anthology series! Taking us back to a time before the Tall Tales From The Badlands, Sagas of The Northmen brings us stories of the men and women of the Viking Age. There are some familiar names on the credits: Derek Fridolfs, Mark Wheaton, Matt Smith, Tom Pinchuk, and Mario Guevara. Read on for more details on the story and how to help bring it to life.

Sagas of the Northmen is a comic book anthology about the bold lives and heroic deeds of the men and women of The Viking Age. In the tradition of the medieval Icelandic Sagas, our book features tales about (seemingly) ordinary men and women finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances. The subject matter explored in this inaugural volume is expansive and includes stand-alone tales about the infamous raid on Lindisfarne, Leif Erikson, the Icelandic justice system, the Viking funeral ritual, the Varangian Guard, the Viking warrior ethos and Freydis Eiriksdottir's expedition to North America. 

The seven stand-alone stories featured in this volume are expertly told and beautifully rendered by a talented and creative team of comic book professionals, and the three art pin-ups accompanying this volume are frame worthy. Contributors include Derek Fridolfs (Detective Comics, Justice League Beyond, Adventure Time), Mark Wheaton (Dark Horse Comics, screenwriter for Friday the 13th and The Messengers), Matt Smith (Barbarian Lord), Tom Pinchuk (Hybrid Bastards), and Mario Guevara (Solomon Kane, Ultimate Fantastic Four, The Lone Ranger) among many others. 



The book is 73% funded with 34 days to go! Quoting creator Sean Fahey, "The book is complete. You're betting on a sure thing. This is the fourth book that Black Jack Press has started and fourth one we have completed." You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain. We pledged our support. Won't you?

For more details and to show your support, click here


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