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NUMBER 1 BULLETS: 09-23-15


Keepin' it quick and dirty this week! We've reviewed as many new first issues as possible to let you know which new series we think you should follow. Read on!

Meet the batch:  Power Cubed #1, Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1, and Exit Generation #1. 



Power Cubed #1 (Dark Horse Comics)-


(W/A/CA) Aaron Lopresti
What if you had a piece of technology that created anything you could possibly want, and all you had to do was imagine it? What would you wish for? For Kenny Logan, his first wish is to survive his eighteenth birthday! His unique matter-reinterpreting device has attracted the attention of a bumbling Nazi scientist with plans for world domination and an elite government agent who is hell bent on acquiring the device to stop an alien invasion at any cost. Aaron Lopresti delivers a comical coming-of-age tale in a fantastic sci-fi universe!

Aaron Lopresti is the the writer and artist behind the latest #1 issue from Dark Horse Comics, Power Cubed.  Kenny is a daydreaming 18 year old who is suffering from the complete lack of a relationship between himself and his inventor father, but that all changes when his Dad gives him an alien cube that can alter reality at a mere thought ... the only problem is that there are other players in the world hunting for the cube as well.  When I read this first issue the first thought I had was that it suffered from an identity crisis, stuck between fantastical Sci-Fi and sarcastic parody.  The idea behind the cube is interesting and has great potential for storytelling, but the paper-thin characters and the cliched and self-referential villains are just ridiculous.  The poorly-written dialogue and awkward attempts at humor really pulled me out of the story; that coupled with art that gets the job done, but is not outstanding in any way, made this a rather mediocre read at best.  There is hope the story gains traction but the first issue left much to be desired. (Geoff)


Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Special #1 (Marvel Comics)-


(W) David Walker (A) Lee Ferguson (CA) Mike Deodato
A mission 50 years in the making! When a villain from the past shows up in the present day, Nick Fury is forced to team-up with Nick Fury Sr.! Will the Nick Fury of the present be able to work alongside his father?

The next comic to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of S.H.I.E.L.D. is Fury, a new number one issue from Marvel Comics written by David F. Walker with art by Lee Ferguson.  A very creative title that takes place between the original Nick Fury in the 60's and the current Nick Fury set in modern times, both stories showing the ugly side of race relations in America.  The dual storytelling and eventual crossover is a really cool idea and is handled well in the way the book is laid out, but it just comes across as preachy.  I personally enjoy super hero comics for the larger than life characters and adventures they get into, and I do not fault a comic for pulling from modern society to help tell its story; but this issue was so heavy handed in its approach I felt like I was being beaten of the head with it.  Yes, there are racial issues in America today and yes they should be talked about and taken on but when that material is brought to other mediums it needs to be done in such a way that is does not feel like PSA or an after school special.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. (Geoff)


Exit Generation #1 (ComixTribe)-


(W) Sam Read (A) Caio Oliveira (CA) Ramon Villalobos, Joe Mulvey
It's 2055. Ninety percent of the world's population have abandoned a resource-depleted Earth in search of a better home in the cosmos. Those left behind find themselves in an unexpected paradise - and Jack is bored out of his mind. He dreams of action inspired by 80's movies and punk rock. But when a legion of carnivorous aliens arrive, Jack learns you should be careful what you wish for! Featuring covers by Ramon Villalobos (E is for Extinction) and connecting variants by Joe Mulvey (SCAM), Exit Generation is a breakneck sci-fi adventure!

You should really check out this issue. It's a fresh concept with an interesting Sci-Fi take and some solid art and storytelling. ComixTribe is a small publisher, but they put out quality work, and Exit Generation #1 is no different. In today's market, launching a new series is no easy feat, but the creative team of Read, Oliveira, (colorist) Ruth Redmond, Villalobos, Mulvey, et al have really struck something special here and I'm definitely along for the ride!  [Read the full review here!] (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it! Pick up the issues and share your thoughts below...


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