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Independent comic writer Ronald Montgomery gathers a varied and interesting collection of his published works for Inverse Press as a showcase of his talents in telling tales in a variety of settings.  In this collection there are two zombie war stories from the popular Fubar series of books, one from the Crusades and another from World War II, along with multiple stories of life and redemption from Middle America.  His narrators are as varied as his settings, warrior to wounded, male and female, Montgomery has a voice for everyone.

Part of the issue with this collection however, is just that it can be too varied.  Some stories flow together and in the pages between you can't really tell where one ends and another begins.  The Fubar zombie stories are completely out of place away from their natural habitat and feel simply like "war stories with zombies" thrown in for variety. They also make you wonder where the zombies are in the rest of this book, it probably would have been easy (and given the book some much needed humor) if that happened.  There is a seriousness to all these tales that can feel forced when read in succession.  There are moments when Montgomery is "On" and he blends the tale with the subtlety it requires and makes for good scenes.  These thankfully outweigh the times he overdoes it with narration.




For the artwork on these stories, it's never amazing, but is also never lacking either.  It does the job.  The Fubar stories have some very good battle and war scenes and the one color story about a woman who can't seem to find her way is very well done.  They are all done in a pretty straightforward stye with no real need to take chances with artwork and panel design.  The flow is natural (oddly, the one thing that didn't seem to flow right is the table of contents page) for all stories and do not slow you down at all.  Which means they all do their job.

There are enough positives in Montgomery's writing to make you believe he has some promise.  This is an interesting anthology for anyone who likes a varied group of tales and would be interested in seeing the beginnings of a writer.  Where Ronald Montgomery goes from here is solely up to him.


Moon in the Trees #1 is available September 30, 2015 from Inverse Press.

Writer: Ronald Montgomery

Artists: James Giar, Tim Switalski, Lars Kramhoft, Wendell Cavalcanti, Jasen Smith


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