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 (A MightyVille Retailer Spotlight)


My husband (and fellow MightyVille contributor!) Geoff and I set off from a cold (30 degree) North Carolina to an even colder (15 degree) New York with plans to visit Midtown Comics for the first time.  After an initial two hour flight delay, we arrived in New York City.  The big decision was what to wear into the city the next day for our adventure.  When we set out the temperature had already fallen to 10 degrees, zero with the wind chill.  After a few wrong turns and a 10 New-York-block detour (we went the wrong direction), we finally arrived at the famous Midtown Comics!


For any comic book lover, Midtown Comics is the Mecca of comic book stores.  Initially opening its first shop in 1997, Midtown Comics has now expanded to three locations and any comic fan would be remiss if they didn’t visit during a trip to New York City.  We visited the downtown location, glad to escape the freezing cold that our Irish coffees did not quite diminish, as we finally arrived after our 10 block detour and long walk from Penn Station.  

Midtown Comics opened its flagship store Midtown Comics Times Square, followed by the Midtown Comics Grand Central location in 2006, and Midtown Comics Downtown in 2010.  In addition, Midtown Comics also has a Mini-boutique at Toys “R” Us on Broadway, as well as being the largest online retailer of comics in the U.S., where you can get just about every comic you need and all of those action figures you shouldn't, but just have to have


Midtown Comics


Midtown Comics offers fun items for the non-comic book fan as well.  Their stores are full of movie and T.V. show related items such as action figures, statues, movies, books, and much more.  They carry a variety of titles from hard-to-find independent publishers, as well as special editions and Midtown Comics exclusive covers.  

In the store, we were greeted and assisted by helpful and nice clerks.  There was much to look at and our non-comic friends found more than enough to capture their attention.  Their collection of comics was impressive and extensive.  The store also has many different action figures, collectibles and items from shows like Game of Thrones, and movies such as the Harry Potter series and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It was definitely worth the long walk and a great place to escape from the cold.  

Midtown Comics is also a retailer at the New York Comic Con.  NYCC will take place this October 6-9 at the Javits Center in Manhattan.  NYCC is the East Coast’s biggest con.  Buy your tickets early if you plan on attending this event ... it sells out each year.  

To stay up to date on exclusive signings of new releases by creators, events that Midtown Comics will be attending, and NYCC, follow Midtown Comics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagramor read their blog.  

As a comic book fan, it is your duty to visit one of their locations if you ever get to New York City.  And if you don’t, check out their online store or follow them on social media.  We will definitely be back the next time we come to New York City.  And come prepared to buy those hard-to-find items that your local stores don’t carry or the unique items exclusive to Midtown Comics!

Check out our photo gallery below. See you next time!



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