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NUMBER 1 BULLETS: 03-30-16


Here's a look at the #1 issues that hit on this last week of March, in an all-new Number 1 Bullets! This time we have POWER LINES #1, X-MEN '92 #1, GODZILLA: OBLIVION #1, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: DEVIATIONS #1, and SUICIDERS: KINGS OF HELL.A. #1!



POWER LINES #1 (Image Comics)-

1.0 Stars

Writer and illustrator Jimmie Robinson wastes no time in hitting readers over the head with cliched racial tension in POWER LINES #1 from Image Comics. As a young group of thugs descend upon a suburban neighborhood to tag and steal the newest member of their group, D-trick, stumbles upon a strange power that has existed in the area for thousands of years. Rooted in Native American myth the power lines form a triangle that seems to bring three people from completely different backgrounds together, but to what end? While this idea is intriguing the racial fueled comic that surrounds it was the worst kind of forced commentary on society. From the portrayal of young urban thugs to the cliched naivete of the white marine veteran who dares speak the line "but i have black friends"; everything in this book hit readers so hard over the head it’s insulting. None of this compares to the white soccer mom who has been robbed as she spouts every line expected from a modern republican Fox News viewer. There is no depth here, no attempt to move beyond the stereotypes. It is 30 pages of mediocre writing and art that shows black and white in America at their worst. In the end there is one panel that makes an attempt to use the supernatural subtext of the book to cross those lines and it is immediately rebuffed leaving me to ask "what is the point?" as I closed the last page. Perhaps it is fleshed out in issue number two, perhaps the characters grow and this comic actually has something to say as it moves on but as a first issue and a first impression the only thing I took away from this issue was frustration. (Geoff)


X-MEN '92 #1 #1 (Marvel Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

Take a trip back in time with Marvel Comics X-MEN '92 #1 by Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Matt Milla. The X-men cartoon from the early 90's is what got me hooked on comics in the first place so it holds a nostalgic place in my heart. To me that team and those costumes were the definitive X-men I grew up with. I was excited to see the X-MEN '92 book for Secret Wars but felt that title fell a little flat, I think this incarnation is much more fun. All the characters you want are their in all their 90's glory; Wolverine in the yellow and gold, Storm in white, and Jubilee with her trademark yellow trench coat and pink glasses. Wasting no time and getting right into the action, Maverick of former Weapon-X fame comes crashing into the X-mansion after being pursued by Russia's premier superhero team. It’s one fight after another full of rather silly but extremely fun dialogue. The pacing of the book is very fast and the story being told is never trying to be more than it is, a fun romp with your favorite X-men characters and villains. The art by Milla is a perfect match of cartoonish style with a slightly harder edge. The bright color pallet really pops off the page and the slightly exaggerated style lends to great facial expressions and dynamic movement. I really enjoyed this title as a fun, light, nostalgic trip to a time when the X-men were a bit less morose and a whole light brighter. There was not a single black leather costume to be seen! (Geoff)



2.0 Stars.gif

Coming on the heels of the Godzilla in Hell mini series is the latest story about the king of all monsters from IDW, GODZILLA: OBLIVION. Written by Joshua Fialkov with art by Brian Churilla, this new series revolves around a group of scientists who have opened a doorway to a parallel dimension only to find utter destruction when they step through to the other side. In the parallel world Kaiju have descended upon Japan and Godzilla is the sole defender of what is left of the country. While retreating back to the safety of their own world the team is pursued by King Ghidorah who slips into our dimension before the portal can be closed. Considering how creative Godzilla in Hell was and how well it was received this new series is a bit of a let down. The narrative is paper thin and not one character in the entire story acts like a sane human being. From the scientists who just barge through a portal to another dimension with no care in the world to the military commander of the other side who just buys their story and lets them go back. All of the name dropping of the monsters feels forced and unnatural as well including the "here is the plot" narration about Godzilla and how the scientist group all of a sudden knows that this 3 headed dragon is called King Ghidorah. The art is a bit of a mess as well with some panels looking like rough sketches and an inconsistent flow of action. In the end GODZILLA: OBLIVION was just not a good comic, this miniseries is an easy pass and hopefully IDW will come back with a more original idea for the next one. (Geoff)


SUICIDERS: KINGS OF HELL.A. #1 (Vertigo/DC Comics)-

3.0 Stars.gif

Vertigo Comics released SUICIDERS: KINGS OF HEL L.A. #1 this week, the first issue in the second miniseries that follows the events of the gangs that rule what is left of L.A. after a large earthquake left everything in shambles. Created by Lee Bermejo with interior art by Alessandro Vitti, this is a dark and violent tale about what happens when civil order crumbles and gang warfare takes over. Trix and her brother Johnny are what are referred to as quake babies, those young enough to have grown up and been raised amidst the ruins of Los Angeles. Johnny now runs the Kings of Hell.A and lives for only violence and revenge. The majority of the first issue is used for world building and setting up our main players; Johhny, Trix, and her boyfriend D-troy. However, by the end we as readers really know nothing about them other than the fact that they live for violence. There is little to no depth to anyone and after a quick introduction the remainder of the issue is spent on a gang fight. This is one of those titles that makes reviews tough because while I really enjoyed the art and the set up the reality is that nothing really happens in this book other than numerous brawls and a thin hint at events of the previous mini series. Readers who have been on board since the first miniseries will feel right at home but those new to Suiciders might feel a bit lost in the fast paced narrative of this first issue. (Geoff)




IDW's newest DEVIATIONS title makes its way into the world of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Taking place during the "City Fall" arc, this tale asks the question, "What if the Turtles joined Shredder's Foot Clan?" and it's handled quite well. These Deviations 1-shots have been pretty hit or miss. This one is definitely a hit. The twist makes sense, all the characters feel "right", and the art by Zach Howard fits the tone of this title perfectly. The issue packs an emotional punch towards the end that all TMNT fans would be remiss not to get hit in the feels by. Check this new #1 out! (Joe)


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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