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NUMBER 1 BULLETS: 04-27-16


Geoff takes a look at a new batch of first issues, this time it's C-3PO #1, ALIENS: DEFIANCE #1, DOCTOR STRANGE: LAST DAYS OF MAGIC #1, ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL: OMEGA #1, MICRONAUTS #1, and DEPTH #1!



C-3PO #1 (Marvel Comics)-

5.0 Stars

A one-shot from Marvel Comics, C-3P0 #1 gives readers the long awaited tale of how the galaxy's most famous protocol droid got his new red arm. Written by James Robinson with art by Tony Harris, C-3PO #1 finds our titular hero marooned on a hostile world with 6 other droids one of whom is a prisoner holding vital information as to the location of a detained Admiral Ackbar. The droids impart on a dangerous trek across the planet to a downed transmitter in the hopes of sending out a call for help. What unfolds is a rather somber look at the life of a droid, the question of free will, and whether or not droids are sentient creatures. James Robinson writes an extremely heartfelt story detailing how the First Order droid and C-3PO are only enemies because that is what they were told by their respective masters. Having been a fan of Star Wars for over thirty years it was the first time I was really prodded to ask the question of whether or not the ownership of droids bordered on enslavement. By the end of the issue we see personal sacrifice and free will brought to the forefront of the story. The art by Tony Harris is is dark and gloomy just like the tone of the story and the detail on the droids themselves is great. This is a must read for all Star Wars fans so go pick it up.


ALIENS: DEFIANCE #1 (Dark Horse Comics)-

5.0 Stars.gif

Separate from the Alien and Predator cross over event happening at Dark Horse Comics, ALIENS: DEFIANCE #1 is the start of a new story in the Alien universe written by Brian Wood with art by Tristan Jones. Private First Class Zula Hendricks is a Colonial Marine attached to a group of synthetic Weyland-Yutani soldiers sent to investigate a derelict spacecraft that has gone dark. Unbeknownst to her this is yet another attempt by the company to capture and bring back the deadly Xenomorph for weapon development. What unfolds is one of the best Alien stories I have read. Brian Wood has taken the standard Alien formula and injected a does of humanity and corporate espionage and the result is a rather gripping first issue that ends with a solid hook to grab readers. Using an idea put forth in the amazing game Alien: Isolation, the synthetic combat units are the older model androids with less human like faces and a more robotic cadence to their speech. When the command unit realizes what the company is after he breaks his own programming to being an investigation into all the various xenomorph sightings on record. The fact that this is not another story about human marines vs aliens already sets it apart from other Dark Horse Comics in the franchise but add into the mix the corporate warfare between Weyland-Yutani and Seegson Corporation and it becomes more than just an action thriller. The art is great as well, the look of the world is spot on and the xenomorphs themselves are well represented. This has the makings of a really stand out title in a franchise that can be a little stale at times so pick it up and give it a shot.



3.0 Stars.gif

Things are not going well for magic users in the current Dr. Strange comic from Marvel. DOCTOR STRANGE: LAST DAYS OF MAGIC #1 is a stand alone issue that takes place between Dr. Strange #6 and #7, written by Jason Aaron, Gerry Duggan, and James Robinson. The Empirikul have been moving from one dimension to another wiping out all forms of magic and all magic users for they view its existence as an abomination. This comic showcases the events around the world in a series of small stories involving other magic users of the Marvel universe. There is nothing in this issue that is vital to the story being told with Dr. Strange but it is a fun look at some lesser known characters and their powers. The writing is good across the board and the stories are interesting, just not very relevant. I have been really enjoying the current Dr. Strange comic from Jason Aaron and as such enjoyed this little side story and would recommend it to others who are equally invested but if you are not currently caught up in Dr. Strange this is an easy skip as it is not a stand alone tale.



2.0 Stars.gif

Marvel Comics concludes the Standoff event with this weeks release of ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL: OMEGA #1. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Daniel Acuna, the finale features the final clash of Avengers and villains as they battle for control of the entity Kobik who was born out of the cosmic cube. The young being with reality altering powers created the mental prison that is Pleasant Hill and altered the minds of the villains to be become entirely new people. I was the biggest fan of this series from the start and feel as though it both started and stopped with a bit of a whimper. Villains rebel, Avengers show up, Avengers fight each other, villains escape, Avengers make nice with each other and fight villains. It was so by the number it was boring and predicable from the outset. Nick Spencer does great work but this book feels like he was given an outline and told to fill in the dialogue. The art by Acuna is quite good but it cannot save this book from itself, it just has mediocre written all over it. Comic readers know that not all event books are meant to change the status quo and that the real enjoyment of giant crossovers is the epic scale, however Standoff featured neither. In the end Captain America is young again just in time for his next movie and we have a new Quasar. If those are the only facts you take away from Standoff you are more than fine not reading it.



2.0 Stars.gif

IDW Comics is taking another 80's toy property and modernizing it for current readers with MICRONAUTS #1 by Cullen Bunn. Originally a toy line in Japan from Takara and then a Marvel comic in the early 80's, Micronauts exist in the microverse on a series of worlds held together like a molecular chain. This new incarnation follows Oz and his small group of privateers as they attempt to steal medical supplies from an outpost under heavy guard. Things soon go from bad to worse and the group find themselves in over their heads. I feel the enjoyment one will get from this series will greatly depend on their affection for the source material. Having no knowledge of Micronauts myself I went in blind and was greeted by a rather uninspired book that read just like so many other space based science fiction titles on the shelves. There was no world building at all in the first issue, no sense of where we were or why we should care about any of the characters presented. There was no hook to grab me at the end and thus nothing at all to bring me back for a second issue. The art was fine but nothing that stands out against the plethora of books to choose from each week. Overall I found this issue disappointing and will not be coming back for issue number two.


DEPTH #1 (Dark Horse Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

Dark Horse Comics presents a new creator owned comic this week, DEPTH #1 by Matt and Sharlene Kindt. Mia is a young woman with a most unique problem; she needs to solve a murder mystery at the bottom of the ocean. Dept. H is an advanced research installation on the bottom of the ocean, it is a self contained closed system with a seven person crew that cannot leave and one of them is a killer. Matt Kindt sets up a very interesting murder to solve. Not only is the location highly dangerous but the crew is all to close to Mia. Her brother, her lifelong friend with whom she had a falling out, and her father's business partner are all on the list of suspects. To make matter worse it is her father's murder that she is trying to solve. The complex relationships are already apparent in the first issue as evident by her brother's dismissal of her authority and her old friend's annoyance at her very presence. It like someone mixed an episode of Murder She Wrote with James Cameron's The Abyss, and that is a pretty cool idea. The art is a mixed bag for me. I like the emotion that can be read on the characters exaggerated faces but the overall loose pencils and distorted reality of the style I find a bit off putting. The good news is the idea is intriguing enough that I am going to stick with it despite not being a fan of the art style. I think this is a cool idea and readers should check out the first issue, you will know whether you are on board or not by the time you close the last page.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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