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FCBD 2016


May the 4th Be With You, Cinco de Mayo, and now ... Free Comic Book Day!


This Saturday, May 7th is officially Free Comic Book Day.  What is that you may be asking?  It is always the first Saturday in May.  It's Christmas for comic book fans.  In a collaboration between the comic book industry and comic book stores it is a day for current comic lovers as well as a way to expose a new generation to comic books.  The idea is to draw those that already love comic books to the store and promote the comic community while opening the door to new fans and a younger generation of fans by sending them home with something fun and free to read.  As a comic book reader it is also a way to maybe find a new story to read or introduce the world of comics to a friend or a family member.  Head out to Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 7th at your local comic book store to see what free titles they have.  Many comic book stores also use this day to hold special events, giveaways, and host local authors and artists to sign and promote their comics.  

Which store are you hitting up?


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