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The Dawn of Archangel


Welcome to an all-new, regular feature here on MightyVille: Great Moments in Comic Book History! Each week, we'll take a look at a single panel from a critical comic book, in no particular order, and highlight the future impact of that magnificent occurrence. 

To start us off, it's the dawn of Archangel from X-Factor (Volume 1) #24!

During the mighty Apocalypse's first onslaught again Marvel's Merry Mutants, he brought with him his Four Horsemen (how Biblical). One of those Horsemen was the personification of Death, taking on the form of the recently thought dead Warren Worthington III, A.K.A the X-Men's Angel. Returning Warren from the brink of death (ha!), Apocalypse transformed the high-flying playboy into the blue-skinned, wings of doom known as Archangel that we've all come to know and love.

Since then, Archangel has been a valuable member of many X-teams, and has transformed back and forth between his classic Angel persona and the demonic Archangel. Most recently, he's had the ability to slide back and forth between personalities as needed, making him even more formidable a foe. But does his heart truly lie on the side of good or evil? 


Who remembers this classic issue? What other Great Moments in Comic Book History can you recommend? Let us know!


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