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Flash kills The Reverse Flash


Welcome to an all-new, regular feature here on MightyVille: Great Moments in Comic Book History! Each week, we'll take a look at a single panel from a critical comic book, in no particular order, and highlight the future impact of that magnificent occurrence.

This week, we're looking at the death of The Reverse Flash from The Flash (Volume 1) #324! 

During the Silver and Bronze Ages of comics, a hero killing a villain was extremely rare (The Punisher aside!). And yet in the Summer of 1983, the Barry Allen, A.K.A. The Flash, mortally wounded his mortal enemy Eobard Thawne, The Reverse Flash. Years earlier, Barry's true love and first wife Iris West was seemingly murdered by Thawne. Now, on the day of Barry's second wedding to Fiona Webb, Thawne returns for a repeat history lesson. After taunting The Flash with an image of Iris, Thawne makes his way to the altar where Fiona stands waiting. Seconds before the villain is able to send her to an awful fate, Barry grabs him by the neck at light-speed, accidentally killing Thawne in front of Fiona. The repercussions are heavy: Fiona suffers a nervous breakdown ... and The Flash is sent to prison!

There were some serious long-term ramifications here: This event led to a year long event, the popular "Trial of The Flash" that ended Barry's run as the Scarlet Speedster. More recently, the murderous Thawne has returned to thrust his rage onto Barry Allen yet again, in both comic books and television. 

The Flash (Volume 1) #324, August 1983. Written by Cary Bates and drawn by Carmine Infantino and Dennis Jensen. 


Who remembers this classic issue? What other Great Moments in Comic Book History can you recommend? Let us know!


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