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Geoff takes a look at a new batch of first issues, this time it's THE UNWORTHY THOR #1, OCCUPY AVENGERS #1, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: GODS AND MONSTERS #1,MYOPIA #1, MAYDAY #1, and TRANSFORMERS: REVOLUTION #1!



THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 (Marvel Comics)-

5.0 Stars

I have been waiting for Thor to come back to Marvel Comics since a few small words cost him his hammer in the Original Sin event. Now with the release of THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 readers get to find out what happened to the real god of thunder and what fate has in store for him. Continuing to handle everything Thor related writer Jason Aaron begins his story by returning to the scene of the crime, the moon. Angry and drunk the son of Odin spends his days drinking with his goats and smiting trolls. After one such festive brawl Thor is informed by the mysterious replacement of the Watcher that there is another hammer out there in the cosmos looking for a worthy owner, this hammer is none other than the hammer of Thor from the Ultimate universe. As Thor sets out to the one place the hammer would go he crosses paths with Beta Ray Bill who is on the same quest. This is just another part of the story Jason Aaron has been crafting for years beginning with the Godbomb arc of his first run on Thor. Over the years his voice has become the voice for Thor and this new series fits in perfectly with the story beats that have preceded it. The son of Odin is angry and bitter, turning to drink and reckless violence to satiate his urge and hide his pain that he has been found unworthy. We still have not learned what it was that Fury told him that caused Thor to unravel but I assume that is a secret Jason Aaron will reveal when his entire Thor opus has come to a close. Olivier Coipel is amazing as always on art with a style that has been the tone for Aaron's work on the book since the beginning. Vast vistas, open space, and giant monsters all contributing to the massive sense of scale this book encompasses. As I said, Aaron's work on the current run of The MIghty Thor featuring Jane Foster has been really good but it is about time we get a return to the true character and begin to fill in the blanks as to what he has been up to and where he is going. This is a Marvel must have so don't miss it.


OCCUPY AVENGERS #1 (Marvel Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

The last few months have been a bit of a mess for Clint Barton. Following the death of Bruce Banner at his hands Hawkeye has dropped the mask and gone solo, forgoing the typical super heroics and instead focusing on helping real people... something that the superhero community has lost sight of. His trip through the American southwest picks up in New Mexico with OCCUPY AVENGERS #1 from Marvel Comics. When a local Native American reservation has their water supply and only source of income poisoned it seems like the perfect job for a former Avenger looking to make a real difference. Teaming up with Red Wolf, Clint stumbles across a mercenary group that has been diverting the water flow to create a false demand. Just when he seems to be getting he upper hand Hydro man appears and presents the powerless Hawkeye with a whole new set of problems. Penned by David F. Walker this book surprised me with how good it was. Initial previews on this title were not promising and I feared it would be a bit socially pretentious but that was not the case at all. The use of a slighted Native American community as the motivation to seek justice did not feel forced at all and actually provided a really compelling cause for Barton to fight for. Clint's inner narration focuses on the difference between being on the Avengers and fighting Thanos versus being on the ground alone and outnumbered fighting normal men for a good cause. This title is very much centered around Hawkeye trying to find his new place in the world and fighting for something he believes in. Standing up to an alien invasion is easy, standing up for a disenfranchised group that nobody cares about is hard. Carlos Pacheco does a great job with very clean pencils and solid panel to panel action. While the panel placement and layouts themselves are not the most original I have seen the book itself is incredibly well drawn. This is a far better book than I expected it to be and is worth checking out for sure, especially if you are a fan of Clint Barton. While it does not have the style or humor established in the series by Matt Fraction is is still a good read and keeps the small guy up against all odds tone that those books conveyed.



2.0 Stars.gif

Dynamite Entertainment has released the first issue of a new Battlestar Galactica mini series with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: GODS AND MONSTERS #1. Written by Karl Kesel this issue takes place in the Ron Moore Battlestar universe before the end of the second season and the founding of New Caprica. All of the regular series characters are involved and the plot centers around the narcissism of Gaius Baltar. Feeling as if he is being upstaged by Galen's creation of the blackbird viper Gaius sets out to reconstruct a cylon centurion and reprogram it to follow human orders. His grand unveiling goes awry when the new unit utters the famous line "By your command" while kneeling before human cylon Sharon Valerie. The story featuring all the elements that made the TV show such a hit but it feels extremely rushed and crammed with information and setup. Nearly every main character is given a side plot and page time in the short 22 pages. Adding to the rushed pace of the book is the fact that the first 4 of those pages are used to establish the time and place of this side story. What results is a book that touches on all the things that made Battlestar great without allowing any of it time to breath. Unfortunately the art by Alec Morgan and Dan Schkade does not do the book any favors. With a book this jam packed with characters and side plots some of the narration and confusion could have been avoided if the art were good enough to maintain character likeness from the show but that is not the case at all. Nothing other than the overall aesthetic and look of the show has made it to the pages of this book and it hurts the story overall. The idea of resurrecting a centurion is a good idea for a story in the Battlestar universe but this first issue got off to a overly crowded and sloppy start, but that is not to say that it cannot course correct now the the story is in motion. I think this first issue falls flat on its own but keep on eye on this book if you are a fan and possibly pick it up in trade when it is complete if it can finish strong.


MAYDAY #1 (Image Comics)-

3.0 Stars.gif

Author Alex de Campi describes MAYDAY #1 as the first of many mini series to come from Image Comics that will follow these FBI and KGB characters through various periods of the cold war. This first series is set in 1971 near the end of the Vietnam war and the FBI is holding a Russian informant in a safe house out in California. Before Agents Rackham and Bonny can reach him he is assassinated by two young KGB agents posing and hippies out for a good time. One crazy thing leads to another as these Russian agents go off script and get taken advantage of by some free loving drug induced kids out for a good time. After a beautifully drawn and almost incomprehensible drug induced trip the KGB agents are captured by the FBI and the drugged out kids who scammed them are caught with a dead Russian official in their trunk. MAYDAY #1 is an intriguing mix of history and fiction in an era when love was free, drugs were fun, and spies were everywhere. The first issue throws a lot of new characters at the reader and my first read through did leave me a bit confused as to who was who and where the story was going but a second read brought everything into focus. The art by Tony Parker and Blond is messy in a stylized way, it reminds me of Eduardo Risso in that respect and it works for this story about spooks in the seventies. The only downside to the art is that as pretty as the drug trip sequence was it was incredibly hard to follow and I ended up flipping through it to the end just to try and figure out where it was going. The book had an extremely strong start and finish yet suffered from that drug trip second act that was just too long and too weird and thus felt out of place. As a series of books centered around the cold war I think MAYDAY will find a good audience by telling stories set in a familiar back drop with new ideas. The idea of two young KGB agents going off mission due to a taste of American freedom is something I have never seen before and if it is any indication of the stories de Campi wants to tell I think readers are in for a treat with these books.


MYOPIA #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)-

4.0 Stars.gif

Myopia #1 from Dynamite Entertainment is a very ambitious piece of storytelling that is rather impenetrable on its first read but I think it will pay off in the end. Written by Richard Dent, Myopia envisions a world in which contact lenses act like our modern smart phones allowing communication and data access at a glance. The notorious part of this is that the government is using these devices to collection information and monitor the populace. The ties to our current information monitoring environment are clear and this book serves as a warning of the dark places this kind of technology can go. As stated the first issue is dense information and characters and suffers from a rather confusing plot without a lot of straightforward narrative. It readers like the first issue of a Grant Morrison or Jonathan Hickman titles. Big on ideas and concept and light on answers and clear intentions. What can easily be gathered is that this technology is being used to not only mine data from the population but also to possibly hide the read truth from them. The test lenses the young boy finds seem to allow him to see a world that nobody else can. The question is whether or not these lenses allow him to see what is real or whether they allow him to see beyond normal sight and give him access to view the damage technology is doing to our world. This complicated plot line is very interesting and fun to read but also suffers from art that does not do a good job of distinguishing characters. Patrick Berkenkotter presents a near photo realistic style that impresses on all levels save one, and that is the fact that the adult white male characters look so similar to each other there is a plot point in the I still do not understand after multiple readings because it lacks any dialogue or narration and I cannot tell from the art alone who is being depicted or why they are doing what they are doing. This confusion does not derail the entire story but it does hinder it slightly. I think this is a fascinating scifi book with extremely relevant tones that everyone should check out.



2.0 Stars.gif

The Revolution cross over event from IDW Publishing is going full steam ahead and TRANSFORMERS: REVOLUTION #1 is a one shot that continues the story surround the infiltration of the shape changing Dire Wraiths and their goal to see the remaining Ore-13 deposits on Earth. The President is under attack at the White House and the only person who can save her is... Thundercracker? Of course he is not alone, he has a rabid insecticon, a strange robot, and a dog with him. I cannot tell if this book is a serious portion of the story or a comical one shot. I hope it is the latter because it is borderline nonsensical. However if it is meant to be a lark then it fails on that front as well because none of it is funny, it is just stupid. Thundercracker on his own to carry the weight of the story along with a cadre of non characters is an idea that just does not work. From start to finish this issue feels like the worst kind of event tie in filler and I think it is safe to say it can be skipped by any readers looking to complete the entire Revolution story line.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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