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The Dark Knight


Enter now for the chance to win this stunning print of the Dark Knight penciled by Jim Lee, inked by Stuart Sayger, and signed by both artists! Created for the Big WOW! Comicfest and exclusive to that convention! You can also win DC's New 52 Batman #1-6, with the #2 variant cover signed by cover artist Jim Lee, or a hardcover copy of Hush Volume 1 signed by Jim Lee. All in all, three chances to win Jim Lee-signed swag!



Three chances to win! Here are the Bat-prizes:

 Batman Print signed by Jim Lee & Stuart Sayger

Batman Print penciled by Jim Lee and inked by Stuart Sayger, signed by both artists!!

 DC's New 52 Batman #1-6

DC's New 52 Batman #1-6, including #2 variant cover signed by Jim Lee (#1 & #5 variant covers also!)

 Signed Hush Vol. 1 Hardcover

Hush Volume 1 Hardcover signed by artist Jim Lee


1. You must be a registered member of (Register Here).

2. One prize per person.

3. Deadline for entry is August 3, 2012 at 11PM PST.

4. Winners will be selected at random from the pool of entries by August 6, 2012 and contacted via email.

5. Fill out the form below & GOOD LUCK!


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