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It is a light week with the number one issues from Marvel slowing down but we still have SATELLITE FALLING #1, 4001AD X-O MANOWAR #1, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE #1, and BACK TO THE FUTURE: CITIZEN BROWN #1!




4.0 Stars

A lone human in a space station full of aliens trying her hardest to escape her pain, SATELLITE FALLING #1 from IDW comics is a story about grief, loss, and justice. Written by Steve Horton with art by Stephen Thompson, Lilly has fled to the Satellite space station after the death of her lover and uses her work as a bounty hunter to drown out the loss. Conscripted by the local police for a dangerous raid on a drug lab her caution and self preservation is thrown out the window when she discovers the work is being done by enslaved children. SATELLITE FALLING #1 is a quiet start to a very human story with a crazy sci fi setting. Lilly is extremely fleshed out in a short amount of time, she is both broken and determined and I really did feel for her by the time the issue ended. The art by Thompson is really quite good with some crazy and creative alien designs. I really liked this issue. It worked well as the entry point for a new story and the main character is captivating. I am curious to see where this story goes and just how much trouble Lilly's determination and vulnerability gets her into. This is not capes and spandex nor is it space action drama, SATELLITE FALLING #1 is a story about one woman and her pain and where that takes her and I think readers should give it a shot.


4001AD X-O MANOWAR #1 (Valiant Comics)-

4.0 Stars.gif

Valiant Comic's 4001AD event is coming soon and 4001AD X-O MANOWAR #1 is the first entry that begins to lay the groundwork for the cross over. Written by Robert Venditti, 4001AD X-O MANOWAR #1 shows the ramifications of the event that launched New Japan into orbit. Worldwide destruction and fear brought the nations together and by using the Manowar technology each country manufactured large robot battle suits capable of attacking the new superpower that orbits above them. However, all does not go as planned all but one of the suits are destroyed. The last remaining suit is found underground in the year 4001AD setting the stage for things to come. The plot is simple and straightforward but it has to be to get all this background laid within 22 pages. The book is well written and does a fantastic job of getting readers who might be new to Valiant Comics up to speed and ready to jump onboard the 4001AD event. The art by Clayton Henry is solid though it is a little flat at times. Some of the panels have sweeping vistas full of detail while others cheat with flat colors but overall none of it detracts from the story. This was a cool setup for an event that Valiant has been building up to for a long time and both long time Valiant fans and new readers should pick it up.



2.0 Stars.gif

Those looking for a round of tabletop adventure will find it in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE #1 from IDW comics. Jim Zub brings in a colorful cast of adventurers including a warrior, a mage, a rogue, and and elf. All of the classic archetypes are covered as they work together to stop The Lord of Ravenloft from acquiring a magic amulet. It is all high fantasy and fun but relatively shallow. No time is wasted on backgrounds for characters or motivations. Readers are to assume all we need to know about each individual based purely on genre characters they represent. This is all fine and good if you are a fan of D&D or into role playing games like Dragons Age but for me it all fell rather flat. There was little to get me invested and by the end I walked away from it with the same feeling I would get from watching an old Saturday morning cartoon from the 80's. The art by Nelson Daniel is solid and gets the job done but nothing about it stand out. Little to no texture work and very flat panels make everything look very "2D" and none of it draws the eye to points of action or character expression. This one was just not for me and I do not really think it is for anyone besides huge fans of D&D, I would recommend taking a pass on this title.



3.0 Stars.gif

IDW comics has adapted the Telltale video game series into a 5 part mini series and BACK TO THE FUTURE: CITIZEN BROWN #1 is the first issue. The script, adapted by Bob Gale and Erik Burnham, takes place after Back to the Future 3 with the delorean showing up in Marty's driveway on autopilot. Doc Brown is in trouble in 1931 and it's up to Marty to bail him out, quite literally this time as the Doc is in jail. The events play out just as they did in the game and follow the Back to the Future formula that fans of the movies are all too familiar with. Marty will cross paths with old relatives, a younger Doc Brown, and of course a Tannen up to no good. The writing is spot on thanks to Bob Gale's involvement. Marty and Doc sound just right and I can hear their voices in my head as I am reading. The plot is fun and moves along at a brisk pace covering in minutes what took a few hours in the game. The only bad part is that the art by Alan Robinson is not very good at all and the attempted likenesses of the characters is off. In my opinion a more cartoonish style would have fit this comic better, something with bright colors and exaggerated characters that convey more emotion and humor. As it stands the book just does not look good which brings down the overall experience. Honestly, those interested in the story would be better served by playing the games but if you do not have a way to check those out then pick this title up for some Back to the Future fun.


Don't just take our word for it. Grab the books yourself and let us know what you think!


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